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  1. I predict the yellow car will never step up to the plate.
  2. why don't you 2 just trade vbox files. seems like the only way it will happen.
  3. Mark your calendars and get your cars ready. Texasmile.com
  4. why don't you suggest a time and location?
  5. what was the reason for the traction issues? Surface is slick?
  6. Cool for a fellow GT owner to get a trophy. fastest was??????? I was expecting a little higher numbers.
  7. hope they get it running. Please update this thread if they do or don't show. Thanks what happened to the other 1000 hp cars?
  8. my 226.200 mph is the standing mile record for a Ford GT.
  9. I just watched the 220mph run and unless they have changed the gearing in this car since then I don't think it will go over 238 (provided they are running more power now). They have obviously changed the gearing from stock (for the 220mph run). He was shifting into 6th at 200mph. They probably did the 3.9 gear change on this car (not good for top speed runs) I was in 5th at 226 with stock gearing. I never shifted into 6th. there are a bunch of unknowns on being able to predict a speed for this car.
  10. forgot to add...... do we have a confirmation of what kind of timing system they are using? and what is this "go into the turn at 60mph" stuff? I thought this is a standing mile.
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