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  1. Lol-Should have let me know! Would have gotten you upgraded, etc...
  2. Art Basel is the busiest and most affluent week of the year in South Beach. It only makes sense that Lamborghini attend to reach their target audience.
  3. What kind of scene are you looking for? With kids or no kids? Pricepoint?
  4. In florida there is no inspection like other states when you register. There are also no emission stations here, so many many cars here run with no catalytic converters.
  5. Absolutely amazing! Best car collection on the forum!
  6. Congratulations Nick! Absolutely incredible car! Look forward to seeing it at one of the local events soon!
  7. With that 17 year old you posted running 10.5 @ 134 and change mph, I would imagine with you behind the wheel of that Performance on a perfect day, you could probably hit 135 or 136mph. Even still, the 650s will smoke it, and the 720s is on another planet in terms of straight line performance.
  8. When you ran the 10.2 was it on stock tires or R888’s?
  9. Just a suggestion if you want something simple and decent sound for not too much coin. For my family room, I added some SONOS gear (Soundbar + Subwoofer) and for my needs-they do a great job.
  10. I actually have very close friends that are liberal, and borderline socialist, and we have healthy discussion where they come to me with facts and data to support their position and I do as well. I am also not blind to the fact that Trump is not a perfect president. I hate the twitter bullshit. While I agree with his stance on kneeling, there are more important things to focus time and energy on. I actually ALMOST didn't vote for him, but I came to the realization that he is exactly what the country needs after the pussification of America over the last 8 years, and the hole that we have dug ourself into.
  11. The post above is exactly why democrats have ruined our country and why Trump is president. Instead of coming back with a Logical rebuttal stating his own facts....he just tries to insult my intelligence all while making himself look more stupid in doing so. All the FACTS I posted can't be argued other than maybe disagreeing on his abilities as a leader which is an opinion. Healthcare system has gone from Bad to Impossible. Racial divide is FAR worse due to Obama Obama spent and overspent more BY FAR than any president in history causing Trump to inherit a fiscal disaster (grew our debt by nearly three 9 trillion dollars while in office 68% increase from start to finish and the largest amount of increase by any US president in history) Jobs are best in a long time with exception of September Stock market at an all time high Nobody cares if you leave...... Bye Snowflake
  12. The economy is advancing as a result of more jobs (yes there was a small decline in September as a result of one of the worse hurricane seasons in years), the best stock market results in history, and the better half of America having confidence in someone who is a real leader. Someone who doesn't pay countries like Iran off so they don't continue to bully us. Say what you want about him, but if anyone fucks with us on a military level, they already know the wrath of god will be brought down upon them like has never been witnessed before. *Obama caused the biggest racial divide in the history of our country since we have been alive. "He could have been my son". What a crock of shit. *Obama spent far more than any president in US history due to his socialist policies and Trump has inherited a fiscal disaster. It will take him the next 7 years to undo this mess. *Obama destroyed our healthcare industry-premiums and Healthcare profits are higher than ever, while the citizens of our country get left holding the bill. And then And then And then Could go on and on and on
  13. Much better than getting assraped by the world like Barack Hussain did. We're back in a good place now.
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