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  1. I bought mine from Bullstuff, I have LARA 6.0 & 7.0, two different cables needed for early model Gallardo, same cable does LP Gallardo and Murcie.
  2. Do you still have that 1 tickets available??
  3. Hi, did you ever find out what was wrong with your AC?

    I changed the fuse behind the drivers seat but that only lasted for 10 or 15 mins and it has now blown again.



  4. Update, fuse is continuing to pop after driving 1-2 hours, just got back from road trip to Vegas 1k lies and she popped 4 times, Thought it was only while cruising above 100, but one stretch of driving 65 she popped again, now the fun starts trying to find the short.
  5. Well it turned out to be a fuse after we refilled it or during it must have popped the fuse as it wasn't blow prior, it was the 15 amp fuse behind drivers seat.
  6. Hi All, Same issue, however I've done the following, all fuses check out ok, system was low, we removed weighed and filled it to specs. No power going to the compressor, if we pull the plug and give it power it does kick on and blow cold. Checked the pressure switch at the low pressure side on dryer, it's a 4 wire, jumped yellow to black on both sides still nothing, The R14 relay behind the seat doesn't seem to have 12volts on one of the wires going to it, we ran a new wire from this relay to the compressor thinking we have a short going to this, it kicks on, but doesn't shut off when you shut fans off, only when you turn off ignition so this isn't a solution. Any ideas?
  7. Beautiful MB!!! Is this on the original clutch?
  8. Congrats!! Welcome to the 1 of 5 MB 640 Roadster club!
  9. Beautiful, congrats and enjoy it in good health!
  10. Great video Ryan, I enjoyed it, love that your girl likes to drive them too!! Mine prefers the gated one as well!!
  11. Kevin M.

    Murcie Value

    A friend just paid $219 for a very clean Orange 640, 3200 miles. Your car should be worth $200-$220k, the market on clean rare colors is going up.
  12. Sold, I’m so excited to get it!! Sorry guys don’t be jealous!
  13. I’m in and showing at Quail, also will be a Concorso on Saturday.
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