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  1. Don't get me wrong, the 458 is an amazing car. I think one of the reasons I am liking the H more is that I was able to spec the H exactly as I wanted it. The 458 was an opportunity on a car that buyer backed out of and a bit dull ( titanium/black) compared to my boldly speced H. I find the H sport and race mode more aggressive than the 458 and feels quicker. While I found the sound of the 458 engine to be better, I like the exhaust note better on the H, especially when downshifting. The interior environment of the H is much more current and sporty and the electronics better in my opinion. I felt equally in control with both. Brake pedal would at times fade on the 458 which other owners have reported. I have no braking issues with the H. It's hard to explain but the H is more me than the 458.
  2. The 580 is a blast to drive and looks great. No regrets turning in my 458 spider for it.
  3. Thank you, exterior is grigio lynx. The orange really pops from the black
  4. Another view with dark chrome package
  5. I selected the dark chrome package and really like the finish. I have no issues with finger prints.
  6. Cmazza

    580 -2 Pricing

    I was able to get 5k discount off an ordered 580-2 due in October
  7. Driver had left a nightclub in wee hours of the morning. You know there is more to that story. I live in south florida, we have not gotten to the point of random shooting at nice cars.
  8. Thank you Fortis. Also going with black giano rims and orange ccb's
  9. Thank you.i was told November delivery.
  10. The cost for the Sensonum option in the US is 3900.00. I went ahead and added it to my build. I am going with Grigio Lynx exterior and black and orange interior. I also went with the bicolor q.citura package as pictured. On the door , the armrest will be orange and door panel will be black with orange stitching.
  11. I know many Adventador owners have the same impression, however, the acoustics in the Huracan are different. Since the Sensonum system was just recently offered in the Huracan, There are not many owners with it to get feedback. I found a total of two Huracan owners from other forums who ordered it and highly recommend it. I know that a sample of only two is not representative.
  12. Can anyone with the Sensonum audio upgrade on their Huracan give feedback on its sound and if it was worth the upgrade.
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