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  1. 4xchamp

    Look what finally got here!

    If it takes you a year to figure it out it would probably take me two. I'm still trying to figure out port and starboard Lol. Good luck and enjoy the Urus.
  2. 4xchamp

    Superboat Race Team Marketing

    I seek a marketing partner/sponsor for my Superboat race team. My media reach and modest popularity is a cost effective asset. Activate, Engage, Sell and make millions of favorable impressions for your brand. Please contact me if you have interest or leads. http://www.scuderiacazzani.com/ Thanks, Serafino
  3. 4xchamp

    From 1986, Launch testing my 1984 Webber Count

    Not photoshopped cupcakes, this one's from 2015.
  4. You guys are mean, is that a replica Testarossa engine?
  5. 4xchamp

    Picked up 2 Lambos

    Awesome, congratulations and enjoy!
  6. 4xchamp

    Rally packing list... don’t leave home without it

    Fast music, a fast woman and a get out of jail card!
  7. 4xchamp

    I really need to buy a new gun...

    Remniscing with some friends last night about how as young kids we'd roam the neighborhood and surrounding woods armed with Crosman 760's and Daisy BB guns. These were simpler times, the early 70's. Imagine if kids tried that today? It's unfortunate how people and society have evolved.
  8. 4xchamp

    New track tool

    Triple Six!
  9. 4xchamp

    Gallardo Spyder Flying

    Thank God she's ok and didn't hurt any pedestrians
  10. 4xchamp

    Clean suede steering wheel. How?

    It's definitely a suede wheel. Lamborghini option. I see people just brushing them but there must be a cleaner that gets the contaminants our clean hands leave on the wheel off before brushing is attempted.
  11. Have shiny spots showing up on my suede steering wheel. How can it be cleaned?
  12. 4xchamp

    Doors up!

    You have some outstanding cars and are members of a very exclusive club. I remember seeing the first Countach in a magazine, I was about 14/15 and pronounced it Cowntack, but for sure Coontash is a way cooler pronunciation.
  13. 4xchamp

    Doors up!

    Rosso! Very nice, and one of mine before I got rid of the fugly bumpers