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  1. This is a wonderful car just needs a couple of hundred more FT Lbs. The Huracan is much faster and feels like a race car in comparison but it is also about triple the price. I think Chevy nailed it and it's only going to get better.
  2. Yes!! Twin Turbo commencing soon. Passed the break in period, all is well. Definitely needs more pump. It's a Z51 but this car needs better gears still. It's not quick. My Huracan will stomp it, no contest.
  3. 4xchamp

    1988.5 Numbers

    Wait!! Let's split hairs on the side skirts Lol Back then you could actually call the factory and get anything you wanted. It's no secret their records have voids.
  4. 4xchamp

    1988.5 Numbers

    No Bull Allan. Bambino said "La Macchina e' Bastardo" Because La mia Macchina ha lasciato la fabbrica con un interno bianco e ora e' nera. Yes someone swapped out the white gut for a near perfect black one. I know the white ones never weathered well so it makes sense, but a nice white one sure is stunning. I remember at one point, I think in the 90's you could buy a nice Countach in the 40's. The person I bought mine from purchased it in 1992 for $32k. He showed me the car when he bought it. Had about 25,000 km and a couple of dings/scratches from storage. Also the left seat bolster was worn through. It was a good running car, just needed a little TLC. He had the car painted this hideous wine color. It came out ok, not show but very presentable. I acquired the car about 8 years ago +-? I think. I should paint the car back to white. I own a very competent collision shop but these projects clog up the operation.
  5. 4xchamp

    1988.5 Numbers

    Allan Herbie has a kit car! lol. Allan, Balboni called my car "Bastardo!" How many can boast that?
  6. Picked up yesterday 3LT Z51. Many great attributes especially price but the Huracan feels much faster and racier.
  7. Fabulous car. Good luck. I can do without the wing. Even the Countach has a cleaner profile without it however it's wing and scissor doors are it's trademark features
  8. BTW I think the handling of this virus is part of a larger agenda. A test if you will to see what it takes to direct and control a populace.
  9. I'm sure GM and their technicians will do the best they can to get units out the door. I haven't heard the plant is closed but if it's necessary so be it. My dealer did tell me higher optioned cars in basic colors would be the first cars produced so I'd presume mine would be an early build, and let me reiterate "I pray we all fare well"
  10. Really? Are you busting my chops? Lol I'm not stressing over it, and pray we all fare well.
  11. 4xchamp

    Doors up!

  12. I ordered a well equipped white LT3 Z51 with black Alcantara. Excited to experience the new 'Vette and compare it to the Huracan. My dealer said I should be seeing it soon.
  13. 4xchamp

    Doors up!

    And the winner is.....Lol
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