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  1. Fabulous car. Good luck. I can do without the wing. Even the Countach has a cleaner profile without it however it's wing and scissor doors are it's trademark features
  2. BTW I think the handling of this virus is part of a larger agenda. A test if you will to see what it takes to direct and control a populace.
  3. I'm sure GM and their technicians will do the best they can to get units out the door. I haven't heard the plant is closed but if it's necessary so be it. My dealer did tell me higher optioned cars in basic colors would be the first cars produced so I'd presume mine would be an early build, and let me reiterate "I pray we all fare well"
  4. Really? Are you busting my chops? Lol I'm not stressing over it, and pray we all fare well.
  5. 4xchamp

    Doors up!

  6. I ordered a well equipped white LT3 Z51 with black Alcantara. Excited to experience the new 'Vette and compare it to the Huracan. My dealer said I should be seeing it soon.
  7. 4xchamp

    Doors up!

    And the winner is.....Lol
  8. 4xchamp

    Urus heist

  9. Unfortunately written words can't convey expression and inflection.
  10. Woah! Keyboard Warrior? Lol Sorry you feel slighted, I was being humorous. Rhyno, We are more alike than we are different. Most guys would never pull off these stunts, and don't forget, If you dump the clutch real quick the tires do the slipping Here's a tease from the day I did the flameouts.... I dumped the clutch at red line from a standing start. If she breaks I'll have it fixed and I'm fully aware of the potential for disaster these antics pose. My Countach runs like a champ. I only run her a few hundred spirited miles a year and she performs like a Rolex. I think garage queens suffer more headaches.
  11. That's bogus, wet parking lot. Come play with the big boys!
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