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  1. Thanks Glen! I think the part is good, but thought I might as well replace it while I had everything open, if I could find it for non-Lamborghini prices! I'll shoot you a text later.
  2. Anybody have the Dayco tensioner cross reference for a pre-lp Murcie? the Lamborghini P/N is: 07M109485. The manual just lists it as a "Dayco automatic tightener", but no Dayco P/N! Any ideas? Of course the Dayco cross reference doesn't have Lamborghini listed. TIA
  3. I searched, but couldn't find any posts about this or find a DIY! Has anyone removed their water pump? The MX manual is pretty vague and says to remove the cross brace member (by the way, there are SIX bolts, not four like the manual says!). I'm trying to figure out if there are any tricks to getting the cross brace out. The manual doesn't mention removing other components, but it looks like more things are in the way. Before I pull too many parts, has anyone found a good way to maneuver it out? Just trying to keep the reassembly time to a minimum. Also, any good sources for rebuild or re
  4. Wow! That blue is gorgeous - one of my favorites. Of course, I'm also partial to VI! :-)
  5. Just a quick note that I have a set of black Savini wheels and tires for sale in the classifieds (wheels and tires) section. I figured I would post here in case people don’t check that section often! I swapped or Murcie back to the OEM setup since the rest of the car is completely stock.
  6. As a follow-up question: has anyone had a Murcie windshield replaced in the Midwest? If so, by whom and were you satisfied with the results? I had something arranged, but I'm losing confidence that things will go smoothly. :eusa_wall:
  7. No worries - I wouldn't use PPF, I was only comparing the product to that which is specifically designed for windshields!
  8. That is definitely a good idea. Has anyone DIY'd their windshield with that PPF? What is the cost? I've done Xpel and there is definitely a learning curve. I let the pros do the exotics, but I've done PPF on the daily drivers with good results. Any reviews on what the visibility or appearance is like with the film installed?
  9. I got in contact with Glen: I think he will be able to take care of the issue! Thanks for all of the replies and PMs.
  10. I call you as soon as I can. Thanks
  11. Me, too! I do most of my own wrenching - finding manuals for the cars is the biggest challenge. So many manufacturers have switched to on-line, computer based manuals and won't even sell you a hard copy or PDF. Makes it a total PITA! The group at LotusTalk had a PDF available to members and it was invaluable.
  12. Our beloved Murcie has a large chip on the windshield courtesy of a rock thrown by a semi-truck on the highway ! Luckily, our state is a zero-deductible, no-fault windshield state. I contacted our closest dealer and the part is listed as "not available" from Lamborghini. So far, I can't find OEM glass. Anyone know where to look? The Murcie is totally original, so I want to keep the glass OEM, too. TIA
  13. Bump! Nobody has had this issue or done a TPMS mod? :-)
  14. Also, if we don't go OEM, has anybody done a TPMS mod? It would be great to know if a tire gets low BEFORE the rim scrapes!
  15. Hello! I'm looking for 2 (or more) valve stems for my 2002 Murcie. We purchased 4 OEM, Speedline, coupe rims, but they needed to be re-finished. When they tried to remove the valve stems, two of them were unusable. My rim guy said they were very specific to the Speedline rims and hasn't been able to find replacements. We could modify the rims to take a different style, but I would really prefer to keep it 100% stock - plus the rims are already done except for the valves! There was a set on EBay, but they sold before we could get them. please check with our franchised lamborghini dealer sp
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