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  1. Thanks Kaliturbo, I will try to send Whiteout a PM hope it works? Hi Whiteout if you read this post can you please send me a pm if you don't receive mine, i will be in and out of the office over the next week however i will get back to you ASAP Thanks again to all Kipper
  2. Hi members, I suspect that i am having ignition coil problems with my 2002 Murci, it has been sitting around a lot over the last 3 years and i took it out for a run yesterday, after a short stint it started to miss and go down on 1 or 2 cylinders, missing and popping sometimes I have changed some ignition cios 6-7 years ago with originals coils due to a similar problem. I am now surprised that the same problem has come back after only doing say 4-4000 miles I have read in previous posts that White out has converted 640 coils which are apparently much better? What should i do Kipper
  3. Hi Double, Thanks for your feed back, it appears i can get Corse tyres at the moment, Can you advise me as to whether the Corse are better than the Rosso? What i found with the Rosso's was they would not provide any feel and when you hit the limit no warning they just let go. Kipper
  4. Hi Jon I understand that you have looked at all the Murci tyre combinations for the early Murci in 4WD configuration Here in Aus it has been indicated to me that i can get the Pirelli Corsa sizes at 335/30/18 and the front at 245/35/18 the rears are directional and the fronts Bi, can you please answer the following questions Am I missing something as you indicate that you cannot get the Pirelli tyres in this sizing in the States Are the Corsa tyres better than the Rosso? I found the Rosso to be unpredictable (no feel then they let go) what do you think What other options do I have as a standard set up (wish to keep original early wheels) What would you do in my position Your feed back will be appreciated Kipper
  5. Kipper


    Hi Double, Have you been able to find or reproduce the original logos? Kipper
  6. I also had this problem and what it turned out to be is that the starter is full of clutch crap and it prevents the throw out unit from freely extending allowing the solenoid contacts from engaging the starter. Remove the starter and have is cleaned out and you should be fine, also note that you can remove the starter with the motor in place you just need to be creative with the tools and very small hands helps to put the top bolt back in Good luck Kipper
  7. Kerlop, If not too late i would get your flywheel and pressure plate balanced before you install it Kipper
  8. Kipper

    02 Murci

    I guess it would be you would just have to trace the outputs to the door locks and ignition immobilizer. I did consider this but decided not to bother as the alarm unit at approx $1200 although insane for what it is I thought it best to keep this original As tpamurci previously posted the problem is the fuel solenoids that cannot be paired if you don't have the PIN Card At $1800 each it was recommended to me to delete the fuel solenoids as they apparently can leak very easily and are the cause of many Murci fires? Keep well Kipper
  9. Kipper

    02 Murci

    An Update on my progress to resolve this problem I removed the battery 2 weeks ago and installed the new battery I was certain that the original battery was OK but put a new one in anyway. After installing the battery i tried the Fob's and no go i tried several times and also tried holding the Fob's close to the center consul ect and after several attempts bingo the alarm operated, after running and stopping i went back and the alarm would not work again I went back 1 hour later and the alarm worked. I am sure that i will need to replace the alarm module, don't want to end up stranded away from home,here goes 4-5 K with the fuel locks Thanks all for your guidance along the way Kipper
  10. Kipper

    02 Murci

    Thank you to all that have posted some suggestions on what i should do I will be away for 10 days as soon as I arrive back I will change Battery and Fob Batteries and see what happens????? in the meantime i will leave the battery isolated As soon as I have done so I will post my results, unfortunately i have been so busy i have not been able to get the time to at least replace the battery Drive safe and i will be back soon Thanks Kipper
  11. Kipper

    02 Murci

    Hello tpamurci No I dont have the Pin Card (Crap) Can you explain the function and location of the Immobilizer? I assume the ECU behind the radio is the Brain and the Immobilizer is another control module that talks to the ECU? Is it the immobilizer that stops the ignition and cuts out fuel pump operation, does it do any other complex functions? Also I note that when i isolated the battery and put it back on the car went into alarm when i opened the door and would stop when i put the key into the ignition, does this indicate anything to you? Where is the Immobilizer located? Thank you for you input Kipper
  12. Kipper

    02 Murci

    Key 03 You make a very valid point, the only reason i discounted the battery is that Dash lights come on lots of whirring sounds what sounds like fuel pums actuators ect? and headlights also come on OK, usually if battery is collapsing as soon as you attempt a start it will pull the systems down in an attempt to start. Being Xmas i have not been back to the Murci to try anything yet but i have been giving everything lots of thought and i am waiting now for shops to open to buy Fob batteries and then i will try batteries ect. I must admit after reading all the posts I am now crapping myself as like many I do not have a pin card (####) Kipper
  13. Kipper

    02 Murci

    Thank you for your detailed post I will try the battery and fob batteries as you never know but i don't think it will be the problem The link describing your experience with the alarm immobilizer sounds very similar to my problem, Can you assist me with a guide as to how to locate the alarm ECU in a Euro version Murci RHD I would like to try the process of disconnecting the unit to see if this is the area of concern? Can you offer me any other insight as to how you went about replacing the Alarm ECU is this a DIY option or do you need software and PC connected? Also to all the posters that have contributed i thank you all very much for your valued input, any other comments along the way will be very much appreciated and i will keep you all updated on the progress, it will be a slow journey as it is Xmas and not a lot happens here in OZ for the next 2 weeks Keep well and safe Kipper
  14. Kipper

    02 Murci

    I checked my alarm fob battery and i have 2.8 volts but i will change them anyway, the spare fob did not work also Kipper
  15. Kipper

    02 Murci

    Starter solenoid does not try to engage, lights head lights all good i am certain it is an alarm issue as per posts below? Kipper
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