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  1. Ferrari F12 tdf was "limited" at 799 pieces... 900 of this SVJ means more or less the same number, as it includes the "63" livery units ciao
  2. Albert-LP


    I'm fine, thanks. I'm becoming old and the working stress is killing me: sometimes I would like to retire and just doing the touristic guide in the Motor Valley here ciao
  3. Albert-LP


    last month (July) in Italy were delivered 47 Ferrari and 38 Lamborghini: I don't remember any month with the sale figures so close between Ferrari and Lamborghini. In July 2017 the sales figures were 42 Ferrari vs. just 12 Lamborghini! Of those 38 Lamborghini units sold last month, 27 were Urus and 11 the 2 doors (Huracan+Aventador). That means Urus last month was 71% of the Lamborghini sales on Italian market. Ciao
  4. Dry weight doesn't include battery and driver: other 100 kg, 220 Lbs ciao
  5. comparisons and weight/power ratio are done with the dry weights (That's a stupid way to do that, but Ferrari does it and so all the others follow...) ciao
  6. The V12 engine is built here in Italy, the V10 and V8 engines come from Germany (or Hungary, I don't remember, sorry) Yes there are many German parts too: maybe that's the reason why the cars' quality is not bad at all… ciao
  7. https://www.quattroruote.it/news/eventi/201...video_foto.html 4WD-4WS-Trofeo R Tyres. Driver: Marco Mapelli ciao
  8. here in Italy there are many LM002 on full restore and the demand is very high, with prices going up a lot ciao
  9. Albert-LP

    Delivery Dates

    9x220= 1980 per year. Not bad for a brand new plant: It will go up quickly, must reach at least 13-14 units a day. Maximum capacity is more or less 18-20 a day. Here deliveries have already started. ciao
  10. Albert-LP

    Urus reviews

    Italian Quattroruote magazine tested the Urus in June issue. 0-62 mph 3.15 s. 0-125 mph 12.0 s. Top speed:303 kmh (190 mph). 1/4 mile (400 m): 11.3 s. Brakes were rated as superlative. Track lap (Vairano): 1'16".33 ( better than Jaguar F-type 5.0 4WD SVR) Ferrari F430 did 1'17".37 Ciao
  11. Albert-LP


    No, the V12 cars are still all Italian made: body, chassis, engine, interiors, painting, luggage. It's all Italian like the Diablo was. Yes, it has Audi switches and small things, but it's a car designed, engineered and all produced and assembled here in Italy, exactly like the Diablo was. The Diablo shape was not what the Italians wanted to do: Chrysler forced the design of the rear, against Gandini ideas and imposed that ugly dasboard of the first model, done by Chrysler designer Bill Dayton. The V10 and V8 cars are much (and much) more Audi, of course, but the Factory is still here and Maurizio Reggiani, the R&D boss, is a 100% Italian man ciao
  12. Albert-LP


    Great pictures Emilio! Lamborghini OF COURSE didn't stop in 1972: I wrote that just to say that it was fake that Lamborghini stopped when Audi arrived. I wrote that just to say that many changes already happened. No, Lamborghini aren't always better than Ferrari, of course, but they are great cars that always are competitors for the top place in the supercar battle: each new Lamborghini and Ferrari model raises the bar and the winner is always uncertain. I'm a Ferrari owner now, but I have to say that Lamborghini, since 2011, have a much better design than Ferrari and Lamborghini still is my personal favourite brand. Who knows, maybe one day I will sell all those Ferrari wrecks and will buy a Lambo again ciao
  13. Albert-LP


    Congrats, what a beast! Ciao
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