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  1. OP, which pipe was actually leaking. I have a leak in the same area, and haven't been able to identify exactly where it's coming from. I've replace banjo union washers and made sure it's all tight, but still can't actually find the leak. I also bought alternator hose from Demon Tweeks here in the UK, 15GBP for the length.
  2. Love the look of that spec. Interior colour complements the outside. Wheel choice great too ! See my other thread. I'm back in love. Just want the fcuking thing.
  3. deekss

    Delivery Dates

    No updates on my delivery date from this side. There's around six or so now driving around in the UK. If you're on Instagram, look at Topaz Detailing. They do the new car prep for the London Lambo and Ferrari dealers (about four in total - UK is tiny). They've detailed most of the new Urus' out in the wild in the UK so far. A couple of You Tube/Insta bloggers seem to have new Urus'. They were never even born when I put my deposit down. My build at a reasonable spec is £220K, that's an uncomfortable amount of cash for something I'm not infatuated by. I see other people's rave reviews and am hanging on... I just bought a 2018 VW Golf R. 310HP, 4WD. Mega Go kart. Puts more smiles on my face than even the Murcielago for general tooling around and making a nuisance of myself...
  4. deekss

    Delivery Dates

    Australia I guess, where abouts ? Delivery in December, or built and awaiting shipping ?
  5. deekss

    Delivery Dates

    Thanks for the dates above fellas - RHD must be the issue. Rest of the world is basically LHD. Guy I know did the factory trip last month, he said line is up and running and there's a lot full of them, all LHD. There's virtually no photos and spots out and about on the web, no owners here enjoying their new Urus' and relating the story.... Where are these nine a day cars going to ? ....
  6. I knew what you meant Allan. I hope you didn't impulsively get jiggy with the Loctite....
  7. I had this, and so did Simon George with the high miler from Evo. The taper was worn inside the bottom pulley. A new pulley fixed the issue. There is no keyway or other mechanism to secure the pulley other than the bolt. The pulley is held tight on the taper alone by the bolt. If it's not the pulley that's worn, it will be the crank !! I understand however that this is rare, as the pulley is softer than the crank. Also on mine, as I'd been through a couple of belts, the spacer with the long bolt that you have to remove to change a belt, on the power steering pump bracket frame, had become squashed. This meant that the idler pulley on the frame was out of line, and causing the belt to run out of true. I shimmed up the spacer to get everything back in line, and had another one turned at a later date. Those are your problems !
  8. deekss

    Delivery Dates

    Mates I placed a deposit in 2013, topped this up and signed an order in March. Now being told my delivery in the UK will be May 2019 !! More than another year away. I've been offered a factory trip, and the line is up and running. A chum says that he's seen some Urus' in the wild with owners in Singapore. I was at the London launch (with Topjay) back in January. They gave all of the crap about UK being the third biggest market, what's the delay ? Dealer had since said I *may* get a December car, but they take 10 weeks to get from the factory. So won't see it until March 2019 anyway. They've been dicking around with this car for 5 years, why the continuing delays ? They said the line is making nine cars a day. What's have you all been told for deliveries US side ?
  9. Mates Has anyone done an e-gear fluid change ? My e-gear is now 12 years old, and has performed faultlessly for 36K miles. Every other fluid in the car has been changed more than once by now. The fluid level has never gone down, but I'm sure it must have broken down somewhat or absorbed water. I read of the others' horror stories on the board, and wonder if a fluid change may be a wise bit of preventative maintenance. Anyone done a fluid change for the sake of it ?
  10. That was the conclusion I had come to too. Hey look, I joined LP just ahead of you.... Do you think Fortis will like our efforts more than 50+ pages of BTC drivel ?
  11. Just read about Fortis' issues on the BTC thread. I'm going to Calgary tomorrow, what should I do in my downtime ? Go watch Hockey on Friday, eat steak, or both ? What's a Dash-8 like, I'm on one of those to Kamloops on Saturday ? What's the BS upgrade auction on AirCanada all about ? Instant pot. Nice. My wife's gone juicing mad. It all ends up looking like water from the local polluted river. And tastes similar. I'm buying her an instant pot, and putting concrete in the juicer.
  12. Been following thread with interest. I feel you pain. Did the shifting rod get jammed because the sensor failed, or for another reason ?
  13. Mates The Murci had intermittently started to just 'click' when trying to start... This got worse until it became tricky to start, and would 'click' more than turn over. Battery is fully charged, clicking is the starter solenoid. I jacked the car up, and when shorting between the main battery terminal on the starter and the solenoid terminal the engine cranks over at normal speed. First step has been to change the starter relay - the middle one behind the left had seat. Equivalent VW Part number 4H0951253, £19 GBP. No difference. When trying to start I only see just over 10 volts at the solenoid terminal; That's surely not enough ? There's a regular type spade terminal in a large plastic enclosure about 10 inches back from the starter. When disconnected I get over 12 volts there; Finished for the night now, but I guess it's just now tracing back and seeing where the voltage drop starts. Best check the earth straps too.... Anyone had similar issues ?
  14. I have that exhaust on my 6.2 Murci. Switchable via vacuum solenoid operating the flaps. Goes from subtle to straight through. Oddly seems to eat gaskets on the central double pipe outlets from the silencers. My car them fails emissions test as air being sucked in. Spares readily available and reasonable cost. Exhaust was on the car when I got it. I have a Hybrid tip, part refinery pipe work, part LP tip. I'll post pics if interested. I think they were $9000 back in the day...
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