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  1. I like this brand in the link below because they are entirely smooth (M14X1.5). Almost all other brands have curves & other junk to mar your wheel not sure why. http://www.metalnerd.com/catalog/product/0b8c5198407b41288de3df3628f810c0
  2. The trick was to get the car battery charged enough so I could then use the key fob to disarm the car, and then I was able to enter the car and use the kill switch in the engine bay and change the battery (painstaking process in itself). I found out the hard way that you can't just simply open the door with the key without disarming the car and then use the kill switch because the alarm will continue to sound (as I and my neighbors found out). Thanks to Frank at Raging Bull for the advice. Plus for anyone changing their battery, these stud extensions allow you to remove the wheel easily without scratching the inside on the brake or discs (real handy if you have extra tight space from CCB)! Plus being 60+ years old and not as strong as years ago, a furniture dolly under the tire also helped with easy wheel removal. As far as the inner wheel well panel, damn what a pain as well as the battery itself which needs to be raised above the wheel to wiggle it out.
  3. What the hell, cant even change the battery in the 08 LP640 without the alarm continuing to sound. I know the fob works because I changed that battery already. I thought the kill switch in the engine disconnects everything including the alarm. Damnit!
  4. Thanks, you are correct the 49/H8 is clearly way too big when I looked at my wheel well photos from my last battery change. This time I went with the MTX 48/H6 (dry battery) instead of the MTP 48/H6 (wet battery) since they indicated it was a better battery so I will see how this fits. The size difference posted on their webpage noted in the post above is a minuscule fraction of a difference between the MTX and MTP.
  5. I think if I use the trunk battery kill switch there will be no way the car may accidently start when I put the battery in; but now I am getting different quotes for what size should go into a 2008 LP604. I currently have an interstate MTP 48/H6 but Interstate is telling me their records show it should have a MTP 49/H8 for this car. Anyone put in a 49/H8 size? It is about 3" longer and 3" taller than the 48/H6. See below: https://www.interstatebatteries.com/car-and-truck-batteries/mtp
  6. Went on vacation for about a month and even with trickle charger on the car it seems my battery may be dead. I tried to unlock the car with the fob and only heard one faint chirp, and volt meter is reading just under 12. Battery is 7 years old, so that's what I suspect anyway. But when I go to change the battery jacking up the rear I want to be sure the car is in neutral just in case for some reason it is in 1st when I put the new battery in and it may lung. When I park my car I always put the paddle shift into 1st, but now want to get it into neutral before I go messing in the battery area. But maybe it doesn't make any difference if it's in 1st if I use the kill switch in the engine bay? Maybe I'm over thinking but just trying to be safe rather than dead and would prefer it to be in neutral. I'm used to working on old school Panteras with rear wheel drive, so Im new to all wheel drive with the front still on the ground when I jack it up. Thanks.
  7. Buttons all done, at least for the ones that looked bad and the rest look ok I suppose until later down the road. Only downside I can see with cleaning off the soft touch sticky stuff is that the soft touch has a little mat haze to it so unless you clean all the buttons that are in close proximity the buttons will look a little different. See below where I cleaned my R button and left the others alone for now (photo transfers upside down, not sure why).
  8. Take your time with it since it isn't an immediate removal of the sticky from the buttons especially at the hard to get edges. One button took me about 15 minutes, then the make up wipe kind of dries out too along the way so you have to open a few packs. I understand maybe ammonia, rubbing alcohol, goof-off and other things may be quicker but my assumption is that make up remover pads used on the face would be gentler and I wasn't sure about any paint on the buttons possibly removing with harsher stuff of if the carbon fiber surface would be affected if I got anything on it. Being careful with toothpick wraped with the wipe on the far edges helped too. I saw the Nutrogena suggestions here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pIEkbgI_fQI
  9. Been working on my sticky buttons based on suggestions to use Nurtogena make up wipes. Tried on my wifes sticky umbrella handle first figuring sticky is sticky no matter where it is. Coming along pretty good so far.
  10. Yup you got that right, I was pretty much rookie on my first Murci battery change so I got 4 of these ready for next time. Just make sure you get the thread correct. Nice video you posted too, of course they are useful in removing the wheel as well...but I am sure that's understood.
  11. Here is where I jacked and supported mine. I rose the front of the car before jacking, because with the front being so low I wasn't sure if it would hit or not. I would also suggest the long stud guides to go into at least a couple of the wheel bolt holes before removing the wheel, otherwise you may scratch the inner wheel (especially true with CCB, I have approx 1/4 inch clearance on mine). The long studs help because of the weight too. As shown in the photo my first change was without the long studs using a board to support the wheel. Plus if you like a trickle charger port in the wheel well area you could do that too. A few more tips shown in my folder too, scroll to the end: MURRRRCI! | Flickr
  12. I think my 3M clear PPF has been on my 2008 Murci since new. It actually looks almost perfect and whenever it starts to have a slight dull appearance, then a light rub with 3M cleaner/wax brings it right back to new. However I have heard that the longer you keep PPF on a car, then the greater chance of paint issues when removing it to put on new PPF. Since I figure mine has been on about 10+ years I am wondering if any of you have experienced issues when having PPF removed if the PPF has been on your car for a while. Im debating whether to just leave it alone or not. I would hate to see paint come off with it and then have to repaint the car, which I figure pearl paint is never as nice as factory. I hear Ferraris have terrible issues with paint coming of with PPF removal especially on the bumpers, but not sure of the Murci.
  13. That's right, there was no residue after using it. It did tend to have a bit more shine than the bug & tar remover but I'm thinking that may go away over time. I didn't try it on my actual buttons yet, but will eventually try it on the outside of my R shown above since that needs some work. Poster rushdriven seems to have done good with that Krud Cutter stuff too, and also seemed to leave a little shine on the button.
  14. Well back to the sticky buttons. My wife was complaining of this sticky stuff on her umbrella handle and after looking and feeling it, it seemed identical to the typical sticky button crap (coating going bad I suspect). I tried a test on her umbrella handle with the products shown and by far the Zaino Leather In A Bottle worked wonders. The Bug & Tar remover was a second best so I tried a larger side comparison with the Zaino and Bug/Tar remover. Then I tried the Zaino on my MBZ SL600 buttons and it worked it great. Its funny why it works because its just a leather conditioner but it seems to mix & blend with the sticky stuff without too much rubbing and not get gummy like the other products shown. Next to try on my Lambo buttons when I get the nerve to try the Zaino on them. But to sum up, I was real pleased how this Zaino stuff worked on the umbrella handle and MBZ buttons with no harm.
  15. Starting to look at the Aventador as a purchase option, coupe or roadster. Can anyone outline the differences in the early models vs later models (well except for price difference of course, haha). Wish I put a lot more down on TSLA to help, but hindsight is always easy. Thanks.
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