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  1. Thanks, I may try a little diluted rubbing alcohol next. I don't think the warm water and dish soap would do it since it seems to be a sticky clear coat coming off but I may try that as well anyway. not a huge deal, but being an anal guy I notice it on occasion. Here is a photo of what I am talking about. The simple green took some of it off, but the rest on the outside surface is a bit stubborn. Then if it comes off the button will be a bit darker than the other buttons with that coating gone but at least won't look crapy.
  2. I just tried some Goo Gone too and with a bit of rubbing and several applications it still didn’t get the sticky coating off so I left it alone fearing more harm than good if I kept at it. Looking back at my photos I think what happened was possibly technician had a bit of brake fluid on the finger when I went in for fluid flush because the button was clean & intact before but dirty after. Now knowing the surface is clear coat, I see how brake fluid could alter that surface easily.
  3. I thought for sure there was already a post on this & tried searching by "sticky" & "buttons" but no luck. Anyway, some of the buttons on my LP640 are starting to have a dull sticky surface and I am wondering what others are cleaning their buttons with. I suspect this is common over time because my MBZ SL65 was also getting it. On my MBZ I used some diluted simple green with light rubbing with a micro fiber cloth. I should have done a before & after photo, but here is the after where it cleaned it pretty good and left the white parts intact. I am a bit hesitant to try it on the Lambo but I figure if it worked on the MBZ button sticky buttons then maybe it would do the same with the Lambo. I am still just a bit afraid of the white portion of the Lambo buttons even if it worked on my MBZ. Anyone have luck with DIY cleaners for their buttons? Not sure what that sticky stuff is, maybe some surface coating from the factory that eventually deteriorates over time?
  4. Very nice! Pearl white is one of my favorites! Many years of enjoyment for you, I waited til 60 years old!
  5. Looks exactly like mine, replaced about a year ago pre smog test. Some suggested maybe the fuel cap was giving a bad code but I cleaned that up real good and the code returned, so it was the hose like yours.
  6. Maybe someone can help me understand why regular insurance policies (such as AAA, Farmers, etc.) don't offer Agreed Value policies. It seems only collector car insurance policies offer Agreed Value policies and I just can't understand why. For regular instance if a car is worth 250k such as through an annual appraisal or simply by both parties agreement then shouldn’t it be insured for 250k with dollar amount in the policy and then premiums paid for that value? In regular insurance you naturally pay higher premiums for a higher value car (so in reality a value is placed on the car and the only difference is that no value is stated in the regular type policy). The insurance company must have placed a value on it, otherwise how did they establish how much your annual policy would cost to protect it. Of course many things go into the cost of a policy, but the cars value must be somewhere in the equation no? So what's the big secret? I know the obvious reason we all may say they don't offer Agreed Value policies and put that dollar in the policy is so that they can bend you over if the car is stolen etc. and essentially "then" peg your car at a dollar amount they feel is right and leave you to fight for the real value (which we all know ends up a useless battle with the insurance company or even in court with court costs, etc). So that's the actual reason, so they can bend you over later? There must be more reason to it that that.
  7. Yeah I think the clincher to conclude a better probability that it was the starter was when I saw that the remote starter was not starting it all the time either. I understand that if it started 100% of the time with the remote then it could have been some issue pre starter motor. Thanks to Newport & you guys, otherwise I would be completely lost. Plus in for service I found I had 2.6 clutch snap, so I have lotsa enjoyment before I have to mess with that.
  8. Newport fixed me up great. Replaced the starter & did all fluid services while in the shop waiting for the starter to arrive. So nice to be able to drive again without worrying about getting stranded somewhere. Was a good learning experience. Thanks for all the input.
  9. Thanks, I almost like it as much as the Lambo although gated gets my left foot a bit tired on PCH cruises being 60+. Need to do more calf exercises!
  10. No not a fan of the new concept. Looks kind of Huracan take off/vette combo, but I like the Huracan better. Still prefer the modified look such as my modified 5S: Hall Ultra Pantera GT5S - Irvine CA Cars & Coffee No Parking, yeah right! by JanDaMan, on Flickr
  11. Yeah I agree with the poor starter contacts issue, plus they load tested the battery too which was fine. So within the next couple weeks the new starter goes in (had to get it shipped) and getting annual B service too while it’s in the shop. I hope I get at least another 10 years out of this starter. All this was interesting as I learned a lot here and by applying it to the car. Just for instance I never even knew there were any tools such as wheel bolt guides or remote starter.
  12. Looks like the new law states the fine will be issued for “excessive or unusual” exhaust noise for $1,000 fine and a visit to the state referee. Seems like it’s based on the officers opinion. My Panteras won’t fare well though Laguna, Newport, Huntington.
  13. Thanks for the referrals. Talked to Frank and he seems like a good source and close by too. But just got through to Newport and they said the car has been starting with the key so they feel it isn’t the starter. WTF. To stop by tomorrow and chat with the tech of my experiences of it not starting. I hate intermittent electrical stuff.
  14. Still looking for an alternative shop in OC for the future if anyone has good referrals. My car had been at Newport for about a week for diagnosis with no feedback, so I just want to keep my options open. When I had my Maserati Biturbo years ago I relied too much on one shop which was a mistake.
  15. Anyone know of good shops in the OC CA area? I am somewhat new to the Murci and have been just automatically going to Newport, but I like to keep my options open too. Thanks.
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