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  1. I have them in the cellar. I'll place them in some garbage bags for the UV protection. Thx
  2. On a side note, the Pirelli P Zero Rosso tires in 18" are available through Tire Rack now. Just bought a set to keep for the future, driving with P Zero Corsa but they wear out fast.
  3. Yeah, did the 2 jacks with 1 jack on each side. Lifted it as evenly as possible. Same when lowering.
  4. Also did oil change and front differential fluid change. Looked at rear differential but frame in way of drain bolts. The transmission drain plug was fine but my sockets are too large to get on Fill plug. Have to get shorter sockets to fit. Learned why people say leave the oil sump plug alone. Able to see oil sump behind battery, neck is twisted to drain plug. Used vacuum pump thru oil fill to suck out sump oil. would like to untwist oil sump neck to drain bolt but afraid I would crack it .
  5. Not too bad to do. Was nervous jacking it up.
  6. Removed left rear wheel and removed the panel. The old battery was AGM 34R. Bought NAPA Legend AGM 34R, seems like a hard to find size. Had to order it.
  7. Used 2 jacks begins front wheels for the front and tried to keep them even. It was rocking right and left on the rear jack stands a little.
  8. Jacked up on 4 stands for the first time. Followed instructions. Jacked rear on frame with 1 jack and placed 2 jack stands.
  9. 3. Lift front of the instrument cluster up to get the bolts out of the holes then pull towards yourself to clear extension of rear of instrument cluster from dash. 4. Pics of the buttons, They are held in by 2 small philips head screws each. You can see the bolt that holds the instrument cluster to the dash approximately between the buttons and slightly deeper. They were covered by black tape that was removed for pics.
  10. 2. There is a thumb wheel on each side that holds the front of the instrument cluster to the dash. The rear of the cluster has an extension that holds it down. If you look at the two buttons on the bottom of the instrument cluster on each side, the bolt is located between them and towards the front a little. This is a pic of the thumb wheel so you can locate it.
  11. Replacing one of the buttons on the bottom of the instrument cluster. 2004 Murcielago 1. Remove surround of the steering column. 8 philips head screws from the bottom. Consisting of 4 screws near the middle that attaches to steering column. Then 2 screws each side that attach to too piece of the surround.
  12. Alarm is disabled, no immobilizer preventing start. Instructions say that even if battery is disabled, alarm system remembers setting. note: this is MED 2000 alarm system from 2004. Using my replacement key without electronic key fob, fully functioning.
  13. Other people have fitted Size H6. Perhaps either size will work.
  14. Works for 2004 Murcielago coupe E-gear Had only received 1 key when purchased car. I contacted dealer and it seemed reasonable $750 for key fob and programming. But I wanted to see if I can find a work-around. I was worried if my 1 key's electronics stopped working, the car would be immobilized and have to be towed. The immobilizer turns on automatically. Checked the owner's manual and I did have the PIN card, so I could do that if my key electronics failed. I purchased a generic Audi key HU66AT6 for Audi A4 A6 and had it cut. It could open the doors and turn the car on. Th
  15. The COP are pretty easy to pull up. Used small screwdriver on tab to remove the connectors from COP. sparkplugs just need an extension to reach. simple but lots of hoses and wires in the way. Just take your time and don’t break anything. last pic is 6-12 plugs and COP. COP very clean, some corrosion on some of the plugs.
  16. Still needed more room, removed air filter cover and hoses there is carbon fiber cover over the COP, just 2 nuts. Have to wiggle to remove as many hoses over top. One wire with socket runs over this near 4-5 plug and 9-10 plug.
  17. 2004 Murcielago E-gear coupe Had check engine light( emissions and misfire) hesitation around 4000 RPM on WOT decided to change spark plugs and COP thx to all the help on LamboPower multiple posts removed Exhaust Grate removed side engine panels
  18. Lara 7.0 software for sale on Ebay fyi
  19. Sounds like power steering fluid is low. When lift up, fluid is in front shocks. When lift down, power steering fluid returned to reservoir. Would explain steering symptoms.
  20. Thx. I looked it up on NGK website for 2004 Murcielago i will order NGK 2316.
  21. NGK is recommending 4347 instead of 2316. Anyone using this plug? 2004 Murcielago
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