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  1. Just my 2 cents on sourcing this, I recently purchased my TOB from eurospares, bought it in GBP due to the woeful exchange rate and had it shipped to the US for free. Customs charged me $80 but i saved over $1,400 in total. Hi-Tech also make uprated TOB's if you wanted to go that route, and clutches.
  2. My murci is Blu Hera and I was looking at going with ADV1 rims in a flavor of Bronze... but I decided to keep the factory rims for now. I was steering towards the matte bronze (Ferrari, Black Huracan and the White Huracan
  3. They look great! also that door sticker.. I need one!
  4. I have my almost brand new Michelin Pilot Super Sport's for sale after replacing them with the Corsa's - where would you advise selling them, Viper form or just fleabay?
  5. I've had the clutch fluid changed and bled, there's not visible clutch fluid after the 2000 mile road trip and there's no free play in the clutch pedal with good travel. Next step i think is to use a borescope to see...
  6. Hi All, I just wanted to update you all as we got to the bottom of the shifting issue with Jason Giannetti of Giannetti Performance who I would highly recommend (377 Sheffield Ave, West Babylon, NY 11704 (631) 587-0268)! The main issue is that the clutch isn't fully disengaging which is causing issues shifting out of and into gears, especially at speed. There may be damage to the synchros and gears themselves but I am able to drive the car with no huge issues with this knowledge now (to get into reverse I'll stop the engine, shift then start the engine again). I'll be taking the engine out to have a new tried and tested kevlar clutch put in along with a potential transmission rebuild this winter. I don't know the make of the clutch unfortunately but apparently it's not the one UGR installed, time will tell. As for the shifter, for now we have tapped a hole in the existing shaft, put a 5mm screw in and then tapped a hole in a screw matching the thread pattern of the shifter for a quick fix until replaceing the shaft this winter when the engine is out to minimize labor costs (a few pics attached). If anyone's in the tri state area I really would recommend Jason, great pricing and an extremely knowledgeable guy! Thanks, Tom
  7. Yes it was great - 4 of us on the track, they didn't have the timing board set up in the end, coupled with my clutch disengagement issue I had to shift very slowly so really just booted her in 2nd and 3rd gear! Drive was about 1hr15 mins, Midway Motorsports is the place, great owner and the place has a huge amount of untapped potential...
  8. After 2,142 miles we've returned from NYC, no breakdowns and we didn't get pulled over once! A few pics of the track day are attached for your viewing pleasure. Cheers, Tom
  9. Stimpy - I spoke with a couple of people on this point and they mentioned this could be quite dangerous as this would most likely just heat up the flywheel and pressure plate creating hot spots which will result in chatter every time the clutch is let out as it's a kevlar clutch they don't burn easily?
  10. All I've been told is that it was changed after UGR did the build and we have no idea who changed it... if anyone knows the past owner and could help that would be great, if not it's an engine out job over winter to find out more... Interesting point contrary to the above is the tech I went to said he could see purple marks on each of the clutch bolts which apparently UGR do on their builds like their signature... so he thinks UGR did the clutch. Maybe what happened is the old owner got the UGR clutch rebuilt / re coated perhaps? Who the hell knows at this point... lol
  11. I know what i'm doing Tuesday at the drag strip then! I'll make sure to video this... Maybe I shouldn't have put a brand new set of tires on...
  12. Tell me more. I have been informed the best course of action is to replace the clutch with a tried and tested option. We have no idea who installed the current clutch / what brand it is etc.
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