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  1. Honestly, I can't believe anyone has the balls to drive this... I would NEVER
  2. ok but we cant all afford a fcuking countach dude... just tryna b creative so eff off
  3. i prefer the sian all day long.
  4. Fantasy project of a lifetime lol. How many man hours do you think it would take to merge these two cars?? I think it looks more badass than either of the two look by themselves (i'm gonna get dragged for saying that)
  5. Ha, this is soooooo random. I'm trying to upscale a paper model to life size so that I don't have to buy one of those $7-8k duraflex shells. Oh.. by the way, yes. I'm making an Aventador replica. I'm gonna fiberglass the final product and put it on a 2000 Porsche Boxster. I'll upload pictures of the progress on my other topic page. But yeah, if anyone knows of a highly detailed SV or SVJ model, please let me know.
  6. So.. I'm starting a personal project. Life-sized Aventador from Cardboard. I'm starting with VisualSpicer's papercraft model, and I will then scale it up to life size. I'm most likely going to fiberglass it and them put it on an old Boxster. It should be cool. I'm open to questions. Here's the paper one i'll be basing the big thing off of.
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