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  1. So what's everyone think now that the info's out there? Ive got deposits at 4 dealerships so we'll see how quick I can get one. 3 dealerships for MSRP and 1 dealership for $10k over MSRP. Can't decide how I'll build it yet...
  2. I've bought into IOTA. Super cool technology and lots of big things happening and coming to it this year.
  3. I’d hope so. It’s a ~$80,000 base model Sports car. I’d say the true comparison will be the Z06/ZR1 variant. BUT the fact it’s being compared at all I think attest to how far they’ve come on this generation.
  4. So who here thinks they have an idea of how long this could last? My anxiety is starting to go thru the roof. I have 4 houses under construction, and while I can still work, 3 contracts fell out and Im left wondering will we have an economy at all in 6 months when they're finished for someone to buy? I am a control freak and OCD and like to be in control of everything and this is leaving me with a very high anxiety not knowing anything. Especially with so much misinformation going around, unrealistic expectations from the president and no one giving any sort of timelines on these safer at home orders. I just want someone to give some sort of realistic time line. I mean just say "expect this for the next 6-10 week" so I can at least wrap my head around this. Anyway, back to sitting on the couch, walking the dog and drinking all the alcohol my body can consume.
  5. I live in Nashville and worked in the music business for 9 years and have many friends that still do that are musicians and artist. They are definitely feeling it with LiveNation putting all tours on pause until further notice. My other buddy owns a company that puts on festivals and large private events. He's taken over a $400,000 hit in the last 72 hrs. The other thing is my friend is the head surgeon of a hospital down in FL. Been getting his opinion on things. He was saying the thing that is concerning now, is that they're finding people that who had the virus and recovered are experiencing bad lung scarring/damage where they're loosing between 20-30% lung capacity. I think that this may feel way over blown and out of proportion, but I would rather that currently, than allowing thing to continue very lax to the point where it is everywhere and then everyone's like "oh fcuk". I dunno, we shall see.
  6. C8 Z06 spotted with some fat fenders and Ferrari like tones... https://youtu.be/W4n7dK5CoK4
  7. I’ve been really torn on the color choice. I love the light blue color and that was my second choose with yellow calipers and black interior with yellow stitching and yellow seat belts. I’m just a sucker for a classy look and also that full tan interior is just finnnne to me ha
  8. Errrrrrr what? https://www.motortrend.com/news/2020-chevrolet-corvette-c8-power-dyno/
  9. I tell ya what, a set of wheels completely transforms this car. Here’s a couple photoshops
  10. 6.2L V8. 490 hp 470 tq. 0-60 under 3 sec with the Z51 package. Starts under $60,000. I never like the base model Vettes, always a Z06 fan due to the wide body, etc. But I have to say this base model C8 is pretty sexy. Still up in the air on the back of it. Have to wait to see in person. But pretty badass and I bet it’ll perform like a beast! Couple renders some people did on Chevy’s website where you can configure one. Surprised as there are a TON of options compared to before!
  11. Change the wheels, get rid of that hideous wing and you’ve got yourself a winner. I’ll wait for the Z06 tho. Cad drawings of the Z06 motor already leaked. TT LT7 V8. No numbers or anything yet.
  12. Supposedly a magazine leak that’s supposed to come out after the announcement
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