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  1. I tell ya what, a set of wheels completely transforms this car. Here’s a couple photoshops
  2. 6.2L V8. 490 hp 470 tq. 0-60 under 3 sec with the Z51 package. Starts under $60,000. I never like the base model Vettes, always a Z06 fan due to the wide body, etc. But I have to say this base model C8 is pretty sexy. Still up in the air on the back of it. Have to wait to see in person. But pretty badass and I bet it’ll perform like a beast! Couple renders some people did on Chevy’s website where you can configure one. Surprised as there are a TON of options compared to before!
  3. Change the wheels, get rid of that hideous wing and you’ve got yourself a winner. I’ll wait for the Z06 tho. Cad drawings of the Z06 motor already leaked. TT LT7 V8. No numbers or anything yet.
  4. Supposedly a magazine leak that’s supposed to come out after the announcement
  5. I plan on picking one up but will wait until the Z06/ZR1 variants to make my decision. Always have had a huge soft spot for Corvette. Have to say tho I am severely disappointed there won't be a manual transmission option. I know there DCT will be fun, will just have to look elsewhere for my manual transmission fix.
  6. I also get a little nervous AMEX will cancel my acct with them when they see this. I spend up to $100,000 a month on my platinum. Spoke to a lawyer today who suggested suing them. I don’t think I have deep enough pockets to do such.
  7. Yes, was reported to all 3. No email for the auto-pay setup. I actually SIGNED UP AGAIN last night for reoccurring payment, no confirmation email or anything.
  8. So just to add to this weird ass situation, I just received in the mail today two letters from bank of America. The one dated Jan 7, 2019 is a letter saying they haven't received my Dec payment and to please pas as soon as possible to avoid collection efforts. The one dated Jan 8, 2019 is a letter saying "we've tried to contact you to request payment but unsuccessful. The irony is that when I called in the very beginning (I believe is was Jan 4) to figure out what the fcuk was going on, they had to update phone numbers and zip code that were incorrect on the account. Now, magically, I get these letters. The latest saying they'll have to send to collections if not received within 10 days of the Jan 8, 2019 postmark. Can I use this as ammunition in my dispute?
  9. The higher the credit score, the harder the fall. If you have a score in the 600’s, it’s a minimal fall with like 6 months to recover. If you’re over 800, it’s a 100+ ding They said itll take 3 years to recover half of what i had and 7 years to remove the late payment. Absolute fcuking bullshit
  10. I have filed a dispute with BOA. I actually went in person and met with a client relations manager who contacted the auto loan department on my behalf and filed the dispute. I have a case # and waiting to hear back. The crazy thing is, I signed up AGAIN for reoccurring payments last night, still no sort of confirmation emails or anything stating that it’s now active. But how the fcuk do you prove that when you have nothing to show? What also boggles my mind, is that while the client relations lady and I were on the phone with the auto loan department, I offered to pay off the loan right then if they removed the negative mark. No go. It was only a small loan of $28,000 with only $18,000 remaining. I do it on every vehicle I have for credit building purposes, that’s all. They are absolutely unreasonable and it’s the most frustrating thing that there is NOTHING I can do, or so it feels like. This is effecting my business and lines of credit approvals and also now higher interest rates which cuts into my profits. I feel fcuking helpless
  11. Did it cost a lot to get it cleaned up?
  12. Yeah just a simple google search will show you 100's of people who have had the same issue with BOA autograft. Unbelievable. fcuking pathetic company. I've done everything right in my life on my credit, multiple auto loans to build up, credit cards, etc and it is all ruined now. I will look into Lexington law
  13. I dont'. I pay thru the BOA app, and when I paid last time it ask if you want to set up a reoccurring payment, and I selected yes. After that, I just forgot about it, especially traveling thru the holidays for Christmas, NYE, etc. I went and spoke with a BOA representative in person today and they filed a claim. Im just trying to figure out why I was never notified before it went sent off to the credit bureau as a late payment. Is there any logic to hiring a lawyer to try and fix? I can't have a late payment on my credit for the next 7 years. They said it wouldn't be removed until 2025! Our fcuking credit system is a joke. I have heard of writing a 'good will' letter to the creditor asking for forgiveness of the one late payment and take into account the perfect credit history. People have said it has worked. Any other suggestions Im completely open to.
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