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  1. Well, the tune has been applied and I'm pretty impressed. No 'hard data' to share with the group unfortunately (dynos, Dragy/VBOX times etc), but seat of the pants the car feels strong and is a proper weapon. Pulls hard and at times you can really feel the tyres struggling to get the power to the road (even with the 23s!).
  2. Alister

    Ordered a 2022 Urus

    The wait begins! Look forward to seeing the pics once you take delivery later in the year.
  3. Not the sort of thing you see every day! Was the wrap just for the event or do you always have it on?
  4. Thanks for the suggestion rhyno. I looked into VelocityAP but unfortunately they don't have a reseller nearby to me. I have locked in the DMS Automotive tune which is getting applied tomorrow. It'll be interesting to see how it feels post the upgrade - an extra 150 Nm is reasonably significant so I expect the power will hit quite a bit harder.
  5. Reviving an old thread, but I'm interested to know what aftermarket tunes people are running on their Urus. From what I've seen there is good gains to be had on this engine (circa 15% power increases, with torque up to around 1000 Nm), with a fair few tuners turning their attention to the current Audi RS6/RS7/RSQ8 which share the same powertrain and ECU. Anyone running an aftermarket tune? If so, which one and what are your thoughts? I see that DMS Automotive offer one, not sure what others are available though. lamborghini urus - DMS (dmsautomotive.com)
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