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  1. How do I know if my 2020 car has a GPF Filter? When I put it in corsa mode, the valves are not open yet. The car just idles louder because the RPM's are raised. Only when I go above 4500 rpms is when the valves truly open.
  2. I've owned many high end exotics in the past and never seen a break in this long. How many of you guys actually followed the break in process for this car?
  3. yeah thats what it looked like when the installer was taking off the stock exhaust. Thanks for posting that.
  4. On the Urus, I believe the valves are actually electronically controlled.
  5. Does going through the modes (strada/sport/corsa) actually make the exhaust louder? I noticed when I start the car during cold start and I switch through the mode, the only thing that gets louder is the cabin with the synthetic sound. Outside the car the sound stays the same during the cold start?
  6. What is the best tune for the URUS? I just ordered full novitec exhaust with sport cats for my URUS and looking for a tune. What tunes have you guys done to your cars and would you recommend it? Thanks
  7. You make a valid point about tunes for N/A cars. All the other N/A cars I've owned and have done tunes on, i haven't felt much of a difference. For this car its honestly night and day. When I drove the Aventador S I noticed the S has a much torquier powerband. My car with the tune feels the same as the S. Dyno's actually don't mean anything. The real test would be the vBox runs. I haven't had a chance to vBox my car after the tune, but once I do i will report back.
  8. I don't have before and after dyno's. I can assure you the power is very noticeable. The factory was very conservative with the car from the start so they have room for improvement in the later models. LP700 to Centenario 770HP is all tuning. Prior to the tune, I was just running power craft exhaust with no cats. I raced my friend in his Aventador SV multiple times and we were DEAD even. SV is supposed to have 50 more HP and lighter. I am assuming the exhaust made up for that 50hp. I will re-race him with my tune and see if the outcome is any different.
  9. Just had VF Engineering tune my LP700 Coupe and WOW! Prior to getting the tune I was considering getting an Aventador S. I had a chance to drive the Aventador S on Thermal and was taken away by how much better it was than the regular car. Throttle input and power in the lower rev range is much better. After getting the VF Engineering tune I can say that I have no desire to get an Aventador S. The Tune transforms the car. Power is increased by 40 wheel HP and 40 more torque and I can tell you it's very noticeable. Power throughout is the entire rev range is much sharper. This is by far the best upgrade I've done and worth every penny. It'll feel like a whole new car again!
  10. Thats how I honestly feel. Might just drive mine to 100k!
  11. I currently have a 13 Aventador and have driven the S extensively. The S is a huge improvement. Shifts are much faster and smoother. The handling is a lot better because of the rear wheel steering. Power along with powerband is also improved. I am contemplating if I want to get the S but my dealer has already promised me a spot for the S Performante (New SV replacement) when thats comes out.
  12. Just curious to see if there are any high mileage cars here. I don't really care about miles and have around 15k miles on mine. I drive it as much as I can.
  13. How can I tell if its working correctly? On my Mclaren I just plug in the AC Adapter and leave it.
  14. Took it to the dealer and of course, they could not replicate it. They say everything checked out fine and the car is not throwing any codes at all. They said if its the supercapacitor the car wouldn't start at all. One thing I've noticed is this happens when I take the car off the battery tender.
  15. I have no idea what the super capacitor is. I have an appointment with my dealer in a week. Last week I took the car out and I was able to drive it. Started up fine and drove fine with no check engine lights. After I shut it off for an hour, it did the same thing again. Starts up and immediately dies. I tried a few times and eventually got it stay idling and drove home.
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