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  1. I hope it gets fixed quick and you get to enjoy the rest of the rally!
  2. Got it. I didn't mean to brag. Really, speed is a side note to me. It's not something I would factor much into a decision to buy a car. I think time accomplishments are impressive, but I always go with what is more fun to me. I understand that some people love numbers and I respect that. I should have worded my post a little differently. We will see about batteries. I think a more efficient technology will come soon.
  3. This is the best post in this thread regarding my comments. I get it, and I see the error in the delivery of my opinion. Thank you!
  4. Man, you're on a roll... At making yourself look like an ass. Keep it up!! You must have been a bad ass on the playground at 12 years old. Total bad ass. 💪👱👍
  5. I respect that!! 👍👍 I did not sign anything like that. I could give the car to any magazine I want for testing but that doesn't interest me. They beat on them pretty hard and it wouldn't benefit me in any way. Correct!
  6. vbox: My wife doesn't care about cars at all and she is the closest person in the world to me. And I don't care about the latest yoga gear at lulu lemon. Why can't my best friend enjoy the numbers side of cars as well as the driving experience while I only care about the later? Grande Giro: I remember meeting but unfortunately we didn't get to talk much. LPD: He came at me with insults and accusations with no substance. I have no respect for that or him. I doubt he conducts himself like that in the real world. It wouldn't work out too well for him. Threads: I usually stay out of the hyper car threads because everyone always shouts "Veneno." Then, my opinions are viewed as arrogant because I've driven some of them and I do not care about vbox times. Even the VBOXKING understands where I am coming from. 😉 Times: I hope Lamborghini decides to release the post testing figures. They may mean nothing to you and I but I am sure many people on here would enjoy having that information.
  7. Character? 👌😂😂😂😂😂👍
  8. I just don't see where I said that my opinion is more valid. I said that I based my opinions on driving experiences and that I do not use gps measuring devices. I guess that makes me a pretentious asshole. Sounds about right. 👌. Meanwhile, you're the guy making personal attacks on me for sharing an opinion and a few facts. Your insults will not cause me to lose any sleep and neither will your loss of respect for me. I hope you don't get so upset with people in the future over such trivial things - sounds like a very sad life. I will no longer respond to any further insults from you. If you bring anything valid to any future conversations, I will. So, if you wish to continue to bash me to boost your ego, have at it! Plenty of people on this forum know me outside of it. I have nothing to prove.
  9. Where do you get that? Obviously my post is not coming across the way I intended, and I accept fault since so many people have issues with what I've written. My point was not to say that my opinion is more valid on any cars or hyper cars - my opinions are based on my experiences and I am a hyper car customer so I was sharing what attracts me to different hyper cars. It is a relatively new segment and there are a few different approaches to how the different brands are going about positioning their products. I was defining what I look for in a hyper car - not saying that others can't look for other things out of them. They make products for just about everyone. I responded to Allan in a joking way since he made some statements to try to goad me into exploring vbox. Allan and I go at it all the time - even as recently as yesterday on text in a conversation unrelated to cars. I can see how you would take it the wrong way but it wasn't meant to offend. I don't agree that being fast makes a car great. That's a small fraction of what interests me. I shared info about the Veneno that wasn't released at the time of the launch since the product was just completed (Geneva 2013) and hadn't been fully tested yet. As far as your classless direct insults, good for you! I'm not upset. I respect everyone's opinion unless someone is just trying to argue or fight for no reason to be an internet tough guy, like you are above. If you don't respect my opinion, I really don't care. 😉👍
  10. The F1 is very impressive but it was not street legal. They're all here on Show and Display
  11. If I ever decide to I'll let you know! Till then, that's fair. I'll give you that. 👍👍
  12. My opinion regarding the P1 were facts about the product. I have no experience worth speaking of with that car so all I have are facts. My driving experiences are different since it's based on my personal experience. What is the fastest NA street legal car that you know of?
  13. I don't care about numbers I care about how the cars feel and how they make me feel. Whether I am walking up to them, driving them or just starring at them in my garage. I've always had the same opinion of exotic cars and the same criteria by which I judge them. Since I'll never vbox any car all I can give you is my opinions based on my measuring stick - not yours. Sorry that isn't want you are looking for but I am not sharing my opinion just for you and the two other people who complained that are interested in numbers more than feel.
  14. Seat experience vs reading magazine articles by journalists who have never been in the car. Aaron has Veneno experience. 😎 I didn't ask for a pass. I shared my opinion. I clearly stated that it was just my opinion. You can take it however you like. I didn't make any claims to specific performance figures so there is nothing for me to back up. I shared my opinion based on seat time in both.
  15. Aaron is one of my closest friends so he knows what I care about. I have discussed every car purchase with him. In fact, he was the ONLY person other than my wife that I discussed the Veneno with prior to purchasing it - no other family, friends, business partners, etc.
  16. If you insist! 😂👍 That was very rude. You only have my opinion because I represent 33% of the ownership and 100% of the owners who drive their Veneno. A guy in Hong Kong just paid a massive premium for the white trimmed Veneno. The green one is with me and not for sale and the red one is with Antoine. Maybe you can make a similar offer to him and just maybe you can buy one and share your experiences. Since mine have of cred. I shared my experiences. I do not owe you or anyone anything. I do not do VBOX, I don't even know how to use one. I am not a wannabe internet racer. Long before the Veneno or any other hyper car I have stated that I do not care about bragging rights and they're all fast enough IMO. If I cared I would just TT a Gallardo and smoke every other car. No one at Lamborghini told you that. Certainly not anyone with direct knowledge of the product. Nice try! Oh, and keep guessing! I'll keep living it. I am not quoting specific times because I don't know them and I don't care. That makes it completely different. I was sharing my experience from behind the seat and knowledge of materials and vendors used to create the cars we are discussing. I noted that it felt faster and acknowledge that it was probably deceiving. It wasn't there anymore when I called. It was sent back to Europe and it isn't street legal - you would have to do Show and Display which doesn't interest me. I don't care about being king of the hill of the internet car racer wannabes. My ego is too large to be affected by anything on 4 wheels. 😎 I am a hyper car owner and I have other hyper cars on order. I have researched all of them and I've decided which of them speak to me. I shared my opinions and driving experiences. I will not respond to challenges that do not benefit me in any way regarding things I just don't care about like vbox times.
  17. HAHA! Very fair response given what was disclosed... There is a lot more going on with the Veneno than advertised. It has MUCH more power and MUCH less weight than what was advertised. There are differences in the chassis, engine, gearbox, engine management, and 4WD system. The computer control system is completely different. They didn't advertise all the changes - many of them will make their way onto future models over the next 10 years and you will hear about them then. I assure you, the Veneno is more different to any other Lamborghini ever made than the McLaren P1 is to the 12C and 650S. If what I have heard about the upcoming 911 competitior is true, that will share more in common with the P1 too. The Veneno is the fastest NA car ever to be fully street legal in the USA. Before anyone goes there, the McLaren F1 was never street legal - some owners have gotten them titled here under the laws of "Show and Display." Having driven a Bugatti Vitesse, Pagani Huayra, and others, the Veneno feels faster than all of them. That is probably because of how ridiculously light it is. In reality, it is probably neck and neck with the Vitesse, but it is definitely faster than the current Pagani Huayra. The Veneno is so limited and so extreme any slight speed differences are irrelevant. I have multiple open offers for very attractive premiums anytime I would be willing to sell, which is the bottom line. Those are the only numbers that matter. That is how you judge the desirability / strength of the product. Speed isn't the most important factor in a hypercar. They all need to be faster than the supercars priced below them, that's it. For a hyper-car you should get exclusivity, unique designs and you should feel where that extra money went. If you get lucky the car will also go up in value. With cars like the Aventador, creating a car that is significantly more attractive enough is a very difficult task. IMO The only cars that are currently for sale that achieve that are the Pagani Huayra, Bugatti Vitesse, and (if it ever becomes street legal) possibly the Koenigsegg Agera S - but I would have to drive one first.
  18. The P1 got the jump. It doesn't even matter. The P1 shares the same engine, chassis and gearbox as a 170k car (the upcoming 911 competitor by McLaren). That's great for the car going after the 911, but not so much for the car that is going after the million plus customer. The 650S spider is a better car for real life and I am sure (since they are largely the same car) that a body kit to complete the look will be available soon. Then, you can have the P1 looks with a hardtop convertible and less weight. Batteries are not the answer. The Bugatti over the P1 regardless of which is faster.
  19. I can't wait for the Huracan! Fortis, I've seen more Rosso Mars Huracan's and I think it looks great!
  20. I would take a 650S spider over a P1. They look almost exactly the same and the top goes down with the 650S so it wins.
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