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  1. The email notifications still work it seems. I never claimed anything, this isn't all of them but I guess 20 is close Replied to your PM.
  2. Thanks for the feedback guys. I sincerely appreciate it. I went with an Alpine unit, just need to figure out how to install this thing. Apparently I have the adapter to make it plug and play in the box it comes with. Now to figure out how to get the old system out.... This should be fun....
  3. Thank you! Will definitely look them up. Yes, brand new. Same with the Gallardo. I'll get the Aventador used, as I've learned you lose crazy money on depreciation, particularly the Lamborghini's. The other cars keep me plenty busy too.
  4. Hi guys, Haven't posted online in a while, but my Kenwood system has died on me the other day. Just want a quick replacement (preferable upgrade) which is plug and play, don't want to fiddle too much on the car. If anybody can point me in the right direction, much appreciated!
  5. Had the F430 snice 2006, not a single problem. Same could be said for the Gallardo.
  6. Glad I'm posting again. I almost knew the 993 would the favorite of the bunch when I saw the choices available. It's hard not to, it's the best of all worlds Speaking of which, the 993 just had a mechanical refresh too.
  7. I've been itching to do this for years, but was also concerned with the amount of work required to get it to fit.
  8. It looks and sounds really good! Very OEM like, which is actually nice. I don't like these loud and drony systems most aftermarket exhausts mostly have. Look forward to hear more reviews! Does the Superleggera have the same OEM exhaust system? The mufflers are MASSIVE! What is the price on this system?
  9. Hi Nathan, Thank you! Aren't you on the TS forum too? It's coming along. It's not just a garage build, it's an entire new home. It's going to be done before the end of the year. Has taken 3-4 years LOL. LOL! I'm not even remotely associated in that field of business
  10. Yikes, it's actually in at the moment for it's annual service. I'll ask them to double check the transmission oil level. Thank you! When did I get that nickname? Thanks for the welcome back! I have been scarce from these forums
  11. I have been meaning to ask. Is it just me or does the Superleggera's gearbox whine quite a lot? I drove the regular Gallardo a while back and it was unnoticeable. On the SL it reminds me a bit of a race car. It whines in reverse and particularly the first few gears. The changes are also extremely notchy as you gear down or come to a complete stop (when it shifts to 1st automatically). The car has about 1500 miles.
  12. Mike_S

    Two new additions!!

    Haven't been on here for a while. Congrats mate! I'm glad things are working out so well for you!
  13. Thanks guys. The GT2 RS is so very different from everything else. The only car that can compare to it in rawness is the Superleggera. The RS has a tiny bit of noise when idling as I suspect due the single mass fly wheel. It picks up RPM almost as fast the the Carrera GT and for a turbocharged car that is simply amazing. The car itself is quite easy to drive, you will get vibrating when pulling away on inclines due to the fly wheel. Short shift is the same as on the GT3, so no different there. The steering is super sharp and very light. It lets you feel all the different surfaces of the road as well. The brakes are insane, the car comes to a stop easier than any car I have driven before. The car is quite quiet on low RPM, but on higher RPM it has a very strange thundering noise. Never owned a watercooled turbocharged Porsche, so it's unique to me. The best part of it is the acceleration! You can barely shift quick enough for this car, I'm constantly hitting 120mph just driving around casually. I am not even redlining the car yet as I want to do 600 miles before so. Apparently you can go mad from the minute you pick the car up, but I'm precautious and prefer to run the car in. The interior is also really nice with the black/red combination. Certainly very different for me. The cabin is quite noisy - the tires contribute quite a lot to that, but the plastic rear windows and lack of soundproofing are also a factor. You can hear every small stone the car picks up. I don't know what was done to the chassis, but this car's front right tire lifts about 1 and a half feet everytime I go up my driveway. It doesn't have a single creak sound while doing so. The suspension is very firm, but also very nice. Not too harsh at all. I'm very satisfied in general with the car, once you get used to it, it's about as easy to drive as my Carrera S Cab is.
  14. Anything is fine. Thanks slowpoke! Yeah, it's been too long
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