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  1. I want to give a HUGE shoutout and thanks to Jason Giannetti from Giannetti Performance (https://www.instagram.com/giannettiperformance) for taking the time to walk me through installing the Kreissieg F1 exhaust system on my 2009 Murcielago LP640. Jason is a stand up guy and definitely knows his way around the Murcielago platform! My only issue with him is that he's not local to me, as I would have him work on my Murcielago 100%! :p HOWEVER, if you're in the New Jersey/New York area I would highly recommend taking your Italian exotic to him. The best part of this whole experience was getting the opportunity to wrench on an italian exotic with my closest friends. We had previously installed an exhaust system on my Gallardo Superleggera and had so much fun... Now onto the photos! A friend of mine let me use his shop lift to do the installation. Highly recommended to use a lift as it will make life a whole LOT easier undoing the bolts on clamps from underneath the car. You could possibly get away without using a lift but expect at least another 3-5 hours added to your workload. Removing the top section was the easiest part, after it was removed, we where surprised to see this ugly box looking muffler that Lamborghini chose to use for the stock LP640 Murcielago system. Mufflers and secondary cats removed exposing the pesky primary cats! Climbing inside made things easier! :eek: :p In order to pull out the driver side primary cat, you need to undue the bolts on the motor mount and get the engine up a few inches. We opted to do this from above. Both primary cats removed, now the almighty 6.5L Bizzarini V12 can finally breath! Aligning the Kreissieg exhaust tips... ALL DONE AND INSTALLED!! Now to put everything back together... Peep the logo sticking out :evil::evil: Flyby video! More videos coming soon-!
  2. Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Very cool! I miss Singapore, have to visit again someday.
  4. Great review, gotta love the roar of the mighty V12!
  5. Very cool! More pictures of the SV!
  6. Happy Holidays Guys! Thanks for the awesome write up! I can't wait to start looking for my SV!!!
  7. Love the exhaust note coming from this Murcielago! Anyone know what kind it is? Thanks!
  8. BIG congrats bud!! I am looking forward to your review!! PLEASE post as many pictures as you can
  9. Beautiful, thanks for sharing.
  10. Would love to see some pictures of your SV!
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