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  1. they could f*ck up a one car funeral.
  2. this is the reason i will pass on the offer. selling 12 year old tech is like putting lip stick on the pig for big $$. i know the demographics dont care and will buy it anyway. rather put my $$ in the older stuff
  3. why would they not use the new platform for the countach.
  4. Show everyone what u got or go sleeper mode?
  5. maybe I had to many mushrooms over the weekend but I see countach lines?
  6. 10 people really, can you read between the lines. y-- f---in che-- f---s
  7. good words chosen VCR. "lets start returning the favors".
  8. christiann


    enjoy, my first Bentley was a black/black continental T and still one of my favorites
  9. totally agree, this is what they come up with, looks to me like they spent 5 minutes on coming up with this shit
  10. when are they showing the limited edition gas/hybrid version of 63 or whatever?
  11. No it was not . I have tried to pry it away but he wouldn’t let it go
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