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  1. z0x

    Rob's Veyron

    Awesome car and pics! Since you're offering, would 1680x1050 be stretching it?
  2. I personally think black masks the lines of a car and as such defeats the purpose. It's okay on cars void of shape that could be considered beautiful, like limos and hearses.
  3. The F458 looks much nicer IMO. This might turn out to be the first Ferrari I lust over since the F40! But you apparently seem to think Angelina Jolie is hot...
  4. Hard to hear the cars with the music.
  5. Sweet vid and Murci!
  6. All these concept Lambo interpretations are simply going for aggressiveness but lacking true essence. Might there be a reason Lambo wouldn't hire the same Dutchie that designed the Murci and G to at least pen a next-gen successor and see what he comes up with? Ferrari seems content with Pininfarina and its decade + long lackluster designs afterall.
  7. That video still cracks me up today. I don't care if some think it's improper etiquette. That tard needs to sit back down with his oversized fanny pack and finish drinking his trendy cool espresso. Very nice D.Wiggs!
  8. They all look great, but I'm partial to white as well, and that is ace! Very nice VCR.
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