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  1. Jeff SD

    Back at Cats!

    Kevin- what's up? This is my first time logging into LP In years and your post was a the top of my feed. Must be destiny,..HA! Great to see you back! Cheers J
  2. Maybe just sending a message to other FGT owners
  3. Congrats Fortis! Love the matte paint. Looking forward to seeing it lowered
  4. Jeff SD


    Perfect for St Patricks Day Parade
  5. I had my ECU tuned with a GIAC program..They made similar claims. But I also had a Larini Club Exhaust installed and filters. It feels quicker but I'm not sure how much of that is the placebo effect from the sick exhaust note and extra breathing. The good news is GIAC offers a 30 day money back guarantee.
  6. Good Lord!! Heffie , you've outdone yourself. Can you imagine pulling up to a valet in that Bull? HA!! It would be a great hidden camera skit. That's sick
  7. Awesome!! Congrats on checking that off your bucket list!! Well done
  8. I'd love to hear from the tuner how these gains are achieved on a naturally aspirated motor, or better yet see a dyno graph before and after. It's very easy on a turbo motor, you just increase the boost. 40 HP is a huge swing from just a tune.
  9. Congrats Dave! Your RR will compliment your Huracan nicely
  10. Great video , Bud!! Did not expect the Huracan to be quicker off the line than the GT3 4.0. Impressive.
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