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  1. Hi on an aventador roadster can a toddler seat fit and disarm the air bag is there a key that turns it off or does it do it auto? Thanks a
  2. any update are u still thinking of an avenatdor after thinking ford gt 05/06 or roadster im more leaning towards an aventador roadster I think 30/45 more days prices will drop
  3. looked at a few diablo but they all need work and asking top dollar if one needs minor under 20k miles a 01 6.0 or 99 roadster ,also ford gt have my eye on love the white with blue strips there very difficult to find low mile all options for 250ish,aventador just keeps dropping that car needs to be bought right
  4. im thinking of another diablo prices are comming down uner 300k now and ford gt and also an avenatdor imo a roadster im comfortable paying 250k but dont think thats gonna happen
  5. what years for the aventador roadster are the most reliable years ive been thinking of possibly getting one like a 2015 any feedback much appreciated
  6. driven both i prefer the vt over the 91/93 hate the dash on the 91/93 also 94 compared to a 91 has alot of powertrain imporovements ,good time to buy earlier years
  7. best of luck on the sale of your roadster
  8. market has shifted on all exotic car prices
  9. its overpriced imo for that year ,paint is not original also ,passing on it there will be more i had a 94 vt and 98 sv in the past love a 6.0 but cant justify to pay what asking prices are now adays.thanks for all the feedback
  10. yes hate the devil man writing and looks to be clear coated and not into the sv scoops way overpriced for the year vt it is
  11. curious on a al burtonis modded diablos does it hurt resale and how was the workamanship of engine rebuilds with his advertised stronger parts and increase in hp?thanks
  12. sucks for the seller now it will have a story
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