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  1. its overpriced imo for that year ,paint is not original also ,passing on it there will be more i had a 94 vt and 98 sv in the past love a 6.0 but cant justify to pay what asking prices are now adays.thanks for all the feedback
  2. yes hate the devil man writing and looks to be clear coated and not into the sv scoops way overpriced for the year vt it is
  3. curious on a al burtonis modded diablos does it hurt resale and how was the workamanship of engine rebuilds with his advertised stronger parts and increase in hp?thanks
  4. sucks for the seller now it will have a story
  5. sounds like needed a diaper
  6. overpaid for the car at end of the day
  7. my buddys old 6.0 which cats sold he redid the entire interior and asking price was same to the ones with orig interior .the red sv got up to a high number but went on as no sale at end of day numbers were very strong for a soft market
  8. yes also a diablo sv went up to 250 strong money and bid goes on .the yellow roadstealso stated not able to sell for cali maybe emmisions there were lots of diablos for sale this year i heard the 91 at r/m sold for 120
  9. Monterey today diablo 6.0 se 350’k bid goes on strong money. 99 vt sold $230 mecum
  10. mecum in monterey looks to be quite a few diablos going up will be interesting to see what they get
  11. there will be another grab the next one theres a nice 6.0 on ebay priced well also
  12. the market has changed in the last year i think if you want a vehicle sold and not waiting months needs to be priced right ,sv were wholesaleing 85/100k they have gained alot of value and still holding strong time will tell in the next 2 years .theres alot of diablos for sale at this time there more popular now than they have ever been, i dont think the selling price was light, miles were not low for most diablo buyers
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