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  1. Yeah I figured they work but of course with modern tech things will be improved. I knew that the early Pantera’s had heating issues and one of the first and best mods to do is to get a new fan and radiator assembly. Awesome they’re so easy to update and improve! Can I see some more pics of your Pantera?
  2. Me too! Not Countach cool but Italian design with solid reliability is an awesome combo!
  3. That’s good to know thank you my man had no idea it had electrical issues!
  4. I saw this loved it! I can only imagine having to repaint one of these cars it must be quite a task considering all those sharp lines and angles!
  5. That’s awesome man glad you like it! And what electronics in the Pantera specifically have issues? You’re also right in saying prices are all over the place! Lol
  6. Yeah an Italian car from the 70’s can be a nightmare! Most of the issues I hear of them are rust and paint related along with cooling issues.
  7. Hey guys so I wanted to ask how good is the quality of the paint on the Countach and Diablo? I’ve heard a lot of mixed things on the quality of older Lambo paint. Just wanted to ask some people with more experience than I their thoughts on it! Thanks
  8. Hey guys, so just wanted to ask some fellow Lambos enthusiasts their thoughts on the De Tomaso Pantera. Honestly I think it’s a really cool car with a beautiful design and while it doesn’t have an Italian engine the Ford it came with is super reliable and easy to work on! Has anyone here owned one? If so tell me how you liked it! Thanks!
  9. I own one and they’re awesome cars the AMG 129’s have already appreciated and aren’t cheap there’s a 500SL 6.0 for sale in SD for like 60K the special edition AMG V12 cars will be very expensive very soon!
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