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  1. Pictures here is the last Countach I saw it’s a white on white 86 QV! What’s your dream spec countach?
  2. I saw your Instagram post and thought Jalpa. I’m waiting for you to get a Pantera GT5 tbh tho.
  3. Oh crap it’s a VT idk why I thought it was a RWD, and so a 94 VT is less desirable than a first gen 2WD Diablo?
  4. Even thought it is the least desirable, it is from what I’ve heard so raw with the RWD, 490 hp, and the fact it is has no abs or TC makes it so raw.
  5. I am so happy they’re starting to go down in price I think it’s better for everyone as a whole except maybe the dealers lol.
  6. Yes I saw! Beautiful car Chad! I commented on one of your posts if you take kidneys
  7. Yeah you’re right it’s been a year I forgot it was sold in early 2019. And yeah the mileage is relatively high do you think it sold for cheaper than it was worth? And yeah 150K seems like the price for a gen 1 Diablo with avg mileage.
  8. The W109 is so awesome. A regular sedan model isn’t even that expensive and the quality of them is so top notch the door close on a 60’s to 90’s Mercedes is magical. I love Lamborghini for its crazy outlandish designs and amazing V12’s. I love Mercedes for their quality and just how solid they are. I think that dichotomy is what makes those brands my two favorite.
  9. Yeah that 6.2 liter amg engine is a beast, absolute torque monster! And the W109 cabriolet is class on wheels such an elegant car. These cars are finally getting their due.
  10. Those are some good picks! I’ve seen a CLK BS in person and they’re super hot! I’ve seen a couple gullwings and that’s probably one of the most majestic and beautiful cars ever made. It’s in a class of its own tbh. And lastly the 190E evo 2 is a legend and look at the prices they command now.
  11. Hey so idk about you guys my two favorite car brands are Lamborghini and Mercedes. For any of my Benz lovers out there what are your guys all time favorite Benz cars? And if you own any current MB cars what are they?
  12. So recently on bringatrailer this 1994 Diablo sold for a cheap 109K. Is this because there was a major issue with the car? Or is the market for these cars softening? Tell me what you guys think. Thanks!
  13. Yeah I figured they work but of course with modern tech things will be improved. I knew that the early Pantera’s had heating issues and one of the first and best mods to do is to get a new fan and radiator assembly. Awesome they’re so easy to update and improve! Can I see some more pics of your Pantera?
  14. Me too! Not Countach cool but Italian design with solid reliability is an awesome combo!
  15. That’s good to know thank you my man had no idea it had electrical issues!
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