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  1. LOL! Holy cow, I totally forgot about the GunPal scam of a company!
  2. HBLAMBO, for education purposes, please let us know the results from this. I've used UPS for my business for over 5 years and never heard of such a scenario playing out. I have had shipments picked up from clients locations numerous times, it would suck for them to ever find a bill on their desk for a return/pickup service!
  3. The way I'm understanding this is that there was a package with pre-paid labels on it with a pickup address at your place of business. Right? And now UPS has billed you for the shipment...? this should only be possible if they had your account number and used it for the shipment.
  4. That is the exact same thing they did to me. What a sham of a company. I did not even bother following up on that $15k when my 6 month ban ended in May. Fcuk 'em. Still gets my blood boiling how they just up and sweep the rug from underneath your feet. Oh well.. more $$$ to be made.
  5. I always feel it's a ticking time bomb for those merchants who have never had an issue with PayPal. Criminal organization does not begin to explain what they are. I refuse to use them for any of my websites. In November of last year they started doing those random reviews, then shut down my account! For no reason! There wasn't any paperwork I did not send in for verification but it still was not sufficient! All in all, I was out $15k. Whatever.
  6. Here is where being big brother plays it part. Protect her from all those costly repairs that will come from owning a 12 year old BMW. She wants her cake, so get her into that lease if she can fully grasp the workings of it. Otherwise visit your local Honda/Toyota and get into something newer!
  7. Guess after exhausting his benefits, he decided to put his foot down and let them know he's still eligible.
  8. Reimbursing you for the PPI would've gone a long way in the PAYING customers eyes. Guess they didn't see it that way. Sorry bud.
  9. They came out great. Love the color. Interesting background with the stacks of tires.
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