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  1. kmb58

    Cool or abomination?

    Looks pretty rad. I don't like the liberty walk stuff I have seen on some cars but on a replica= all day long. This is what the replicas should be about. Not trying to copy OE cars, rather, taking the style and putting their own tastes to them. I love it. This car is drivable without the associated concers of carrying a million dollars around with you. Cars like this make real Miura even more special and don't take anything from them.
  2. kmb58

    The Hemp Industry

    IMHO the substance has been proven to be less harmful than alcohol and has legitimate medical use. It's not an IF, but a when will it be declassified. A lot of people will get very rich off of this eventually. I'm not sure when ethics became an issue as there are far greater evils out there happening right now that I seem to be the only one here who has a problem with 😂
  3. kmb58

    The Hemp Industry

    I bought a small amount of a couple different companies about a year ago.. was going bananas for a minute, now I'm about 50% under.. I've just decided to let it ride... It'll go big some day... not if.. when..
  4. Good one. I agree with much of this, right up to "we need". I just think we are sacrificing a lot of class with the way things are being carried out. We could use a good re-org, but not at the expense of looking like dirtbags. **edit, this touches close to home because I also have friends who are very pro Trump and you'd think we were mortal enemies with the way we talk to eachother on Facebook.. this is fine when you're talking to someone who you've known for twenty years.. the issue is the shrapnel/other audience that you don't know, that gets dragged in or jumps in.. it all points back to my original point: were just not mature enough for this level of communication/connection. Please also understand that my responses, 9/10 times are said with a joking/razzing intent. Only until we start throwing insults... which I never initiate.
  5. This is precisely right, and another point.
  6. Responses like this are why I laugh at pretty much all of you (not members of this board, rather retardlicans). Like talking to a rock, only the rock doesn't insult you. Half of your arguments (the positives for What is the absolute worst president in history) build off of the GROWTH OBAMA oversaw, and the other points are your short sighted opinion at best. Still with the racial divid thing, not willing to just THINK about what I said. I'll explain, and use small words for you. Racism was always there to begin with. It wasn't apparent because you didn't hear from every ignorant f*** in the country (kinda like I'm hearing from you right now) until the internet and social media really took off. I'd say some time in 2005. Growing, ooozing... those who were closet racists now read other closet racist's thoughts daily, and it festers. The internet gives every imbecile a voice and an ear... the rest is just gravity. You want to blame OBAMA for this, I say it shows your racism. Thanks a lot Obama. The only valid thing you said was about spending. Unfortunately, until you recognize that the guy you likely voted for before Obama took us from a solid surplus, and stick us in a pretty deep hole= your blaming OBAMA just makes you sound ignorant. Speaking of spending, you know what else is at an all time high? 1%'ers wealth. There is most certainly correlation. Jobs and with the exception of September.... and next month it will be "with the exception of September and October... and so on.. Stockmarket at all time high. Funny you went there, it was on a pretty nice pace under OBAMA.. what you have now is all dumb luck and will result in the worst recession ever, very shortly I'm betting.Youll be hurt much worse than I will. I'll buy you a beer when it happens. Snowflake. Lol. If I'm a snowflake, than you're a white supremacist who claimes your views are because of Obama.. You absolutely are a pockmark on this board. And seee! You have successfully proven a few more points I made.
  7. cheers man! Just think about it. We can't talk to eachother about common interests such as cars, without somehow getting into arguments over who has a bigger dick. Add in politics, money, religion.. it's amazing there is anything of value anywhere on the net. Imagine what will happen the day the alien ship arrives... So, I said I wouldn't bother coming back, mainly because every time I poke my nose in here (lol) it doesn't go anywhere good and I lose two days of my life arguing nonsense that is all pretty subjective or point of view based.. even the stuff cited as irrefutable by.. was it emananon? Is all kind of subjective, as I showed.. Everyone of you has made a post that I have agreed with at some point.. likewise, I have disagreed with at some point. We could all work on the way we communicate with people who have opposing views. Cheers guys-
  8. Bananas. Watching people post pro Trump anything is similar to watching my cats chasing a laser pointer. Doesn't matter that they can't touch it when you stop moving it.. they'll continue to chase it as if it was real. Not heading down this road again, I'll see my way out. *** edit Trump is a good leader? Just stop. Trump inherited a fiscal disaster? You're joking, right? OBAMA inherited a fiscal disaster. OBAMA ruined healthcare? No, healthcare ruined healthcare. OBAMA put in place drastic measures so that it would self correct. AT least people were covered. Let's take that all away, right? Just stop. Racial divide= actually, I believe the racial divide is caused by our love for social media. We are not ready as a species for this level of communication. Flame away, you're wrong. ✌️️
  9. Bananas. This is just bananas. I just don't know what show you're watching.
  10. kmb58

    Tom petty Is free fallin.

  11. Hits close to home. I don't hate my job at all. Actually, I love my job. I love what I do. BUT- it will never get me to where I want to be. Like you= I know that this is not what I was meant to do in the grand scheme of things. I am not running for the door, but I am planting seeds. Also just like you- I want to do something with Lamborghini. My own project has really given me a lot of confidence, but truthfully- I had plenty to begin with, considering what I took on. With that in mind, I would like to do exactly what was mentioned, reimagining Lamborghini. Taking a basket case car and making something of it= my way. I don't care what the purists say, it's a basket case to begin with. With flood cars likely about to pop up everywhere and a constant source of damaged cars out there.. I'll be having fun for a long time. That aside- I have also began sketching my own design. Seeing the inside of my 6.0 at the intimate level I have has made me very confident that I could design my own car. Manufacturing it- well, lets see how the design goes :-) I wish you all of the luck in the world. KB
  12. kmb58

    The upcoming eclipse

    In hindsight, I wish I would have looked more. I was messing with the phone, dealing with a bratty eleven year old.. man. I wish I could re-do. April 8th 2024... coming to my town. I'll host! Bring your cars..
  13. kmb58

    The upcoming eclipse

    This was incredible. It was incredible in the moments before, when it was bright, but dim.. then the totality.. ohmygod.. the corona was so intense. If this didn't impress you... what the hell does??
  14. kmb58

    The upcoming eclipse

    I've been waiting for this day since I was very young. Taking the fam to Hilton Head Friday and will be somewhere in that line for Monday. It BETTER be nice out..