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  1. New layout just isn't the same. Topics aren't very interesting or polarizing. I think a lot of the good content posters left.
  2. I would run some outlets on the ceiling. Would power the lift much nicer than being plugged in the wall. Great garage !! Did you consider backyard buddy? They make great lifts also.
  3. Rawr, thanks for wasting 10 min of my time asshole !!! hahahaha.
  4. For my theater room I am thinking about either getting the sony Sony BDP-CX960 or the sony BDP-CX7000ES. These are 400 disk blueray, dvd, cd, changers. Or I am thinking about the Kaleidescpape. But I think the Sony units overall will be cheaper. Any thoughts?
  5. Car is aging very well. Gonna be a classic.
  6. I had the Iwatch. Hated how the screen was daork until I moved my arm. Sometimes would take a second or two to give me the time. The ones in the video looked really nice and there is some value to being able to change the display to a kick ass pertetual and then switch to a divers watch. But it is hard to justify spending big bucks on a watch that will be bad in 4-5 years. Show me some commitment that these watches can be fixed, battery switched out, new technology added then maybe I would consider it.
  7. fmari

    Home security

    The more I think about it the more I am thinking about a safe. Sounds like a good idea. I am thinking about a gun safe cause I need at least 40inches tall and 20 Inches wide interior. That size in a normal safe is going to be crazy heavy. I think a quality gun safe will slow down any crooks long enough. Or am I wrong? Any recommendations? Thanks again guys. Great info.
  8. Thanks guys !! The attention to detail is just amazing. The display back and the movement is second to none.
  9. fmari

    Home security

    Can I continue to store them in my ass?
  10. fmari

    Home security

    Insurance is nice but also a total pain in the ass. Not sure what you have experienced but the want everything apprasied ( which I totally understand) but also every 3-4 years they want items appraised again. Thats a huge pain in the ass. Also if you add up the premuim every year is really adds up. I can buy a really nice gold watch every 6th year. Kinnsella, you do have a good point. I was looking at the door frame and I can run thru it easliy if i wanted to. Or just punch myself thru the drywall next to the door.
  11. fmari

    Home security

    Kinnsella, That is exactly what I dont want.
  12. fmari

    Home security

    I've got the typical home alarm with motion, door, and fire sensors. I also have a locked door and we keep our walk in closet door locked. But I feel that it isn't enough. Many of my items just aren't replaceable. I am thinking about a supplemental alarm just for the closet. Its own GSM for allerting me by cell. What else can I do? What are you guys doing to protect your valuables? I dont want some huge safe. If my watches are hard to get to them im just going to wear my Rolex everyday and not have any kind of rotation with my other watches....
  13. Oh, I just picked up this bad boy...
  14. Ya he is funny. I lost track of how many times he says " fcuk me dead". He had an interesting video last week were some random friend who know nothing about watches guessed the prices of his collection. She guesses $300.00 on most of the watches. Most people have no clue about the watch market. No clue what a 10,000 dollar watch looks like.
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