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  1. Hello, I've it for sale for 37.000 Euro + shipping. All in CF, 9 parts. Only 2 sets, not used. PM or [email protected]
  2. Fenders in Supertrofeo are regular! The same, like on standard Gallardo
  3. Hello, I have new set of Dione black wheels for Aventador in factory boxes. Price is 6000 Euro. PM or [email protected]
  4. I have side skirts and bonnet from Supertrofeo too. Price for completely set is 12.500 Euro. If you need either part separately, please send PM or @: [email protected]
  5. You can add plastic windows and you'll have really ST car on road, not "regular" like STS Gallardo :D
  6. Hi! I don't know, if anybody will be interested about this, but I've for sale CF front bumper, CF rear bumper and CF spoiler (two parts) from Gallardo SuperTrofeo track car. It's from warehouse one of official team from Blancpain GT Series. Ofcourse, you can mount it to your regular Lamborghini Gallardo then you will have very original car, like this: Parts (carbon fiber) in perfect condition. Price is 12.000 Euro Please priv or @: [email protected]
  7. Guys, maybe short video with SL' "click-click" sound during change gears! Stunning cars with perfect configuration.
  8. Monterey Blue is cool colour for LP640, congrats!
  9. I don't know - my friend has it for sale, he makes it and I think molds for casting are very complicated and expensive, like every big parts in carbon (especially those with odd-shaped). Another thing - as you can see in the pictures, set include 9 or 10 parts, not only bumpers like 50th set. Btw, you are owner of Murcielago, so you would know, that every parts for this model are more expensive than anothers. I will talk about price but I think it's final price (maybe 500, max 1000 Euro less for users of forum).
  10. Yes, still available, but it's aftermarket kit (perfect quality, carbon fiber)
  11. 360racer - it's official type of wheels from Lamborghini offer? Every owner of Aventador can buy it or not? Any special edition, limited type, or something like that? It's first time when I saw it, gorgeous! btw, beautiful spec of your car, grats.
  12. Huge congrats! Perfect condition of interior!
  13. gmendoza, what a car! It's Oro Adonis paint?
  14. Like I wrote yesterday - one man from forum bought one set, but he don't answer for any messages now Another user bought Super Trofeo Stradale package for LP560, he wrote couple of posts in this subject. We sell parts from 2001, so don't worry. If any customer need look at this kit before buy - I invite to Germany But it would be irresponsible if I wrote details, adress our company and posts on forum since 2006, if I had the intention to deceive someone your choice, brothers. I don't need anyone else to convince that I have no bad intentions
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