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  1. The antenna is a two way radio , most of the cars in group have them installed or use hand held. Great way of communicating during spirited drives. As of the lettering, it was something to do with Pirelli not allowing it. 🙄
  2. Eco tune and exhaust And it does feel a lot faster LOL!!
  3. A couple pictures from the other day using light painting at night. I had to drop the resolution and size to post so they do not look anywhere as good as the originals
  4. Zapper


    Nice Ryan 😁😁
  5. Ryan it was great to see your beautiful home in person, may it bring you many years of happiness Every thing about the home is over the top, including the garage. Roberto is already planning another RG Exotics Club trip for next year out that way, so maybe we will stop in for a visit.
  6. I use http://www.blendmount.com/index.html and it works really well, also hard wired you ca see the mount, sorry took the Max360 radar out for this shot.
  7. How do you guys feel about the price on this car?
  8. That is really SWEET!!! Diablos are awesome, they really feel like an exotic car to drive. Remember "doors go up - panties come down" hahahahaha
  9. I should be getting car this week, left at ZR for a couple more things to do on it Plus I think the Photographer should have the pro pic ready soon, they are absolutely awesome.
  10. Besides the ZR chrome TTG with more power and a ford gt in calgary and they not really street friendly lol am not sure what else can keep up. Thanks for compliments Been thinking of selling the car lately not sure if its a stage am going through or if I really do want a newer murci.
  11. Did a little look change Also did some interior work too, will upload pics later, don't have any good pics yet
  12. Zapper

    Larini exhaust

    Ryan I think it looks good, am going to kid but when I was told about it, I thought that might not be good at all. But it looks cool
  13. I think your right plus it now has a sequential transmission and engine management is motec
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