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  1. I dont have this on a reliable source, but rumor floating around in this part of the country is that you got a low mileage (heard sub teens, aka below 13k) miles roadster in Monterey Blue. Someone said original sticker was a $460k+ car?!? Again, likely hearsay, but if so....CONGRATULATIONS!! Side note: where the fcuk is my car? Calling the cops.....
  2. Interestingly enough, its apparently for sale, go get it, so it doesn't leave the LP family!
  3. Let me know if you are still having the issue, I’m sure the 2 sensors being replaced and/or a relearn of the actuator will likely solve it. Or 3rd option, sell me your SV at a ‘its broken’ price and I’ll fix it and enjoy it for a few years. Jon
  4. The transmission has 2 sensors, oddly enough they are identical parts. They are cheap two, as they are Audi parts. Swap those with new ones and you should be ok. If that doesn’t do it, then I’d be worried you snapped of gears that those sensors use to read shaft speed. I know WAY more about this than most (including Lambo techs) as I blew my transmission in my 06 murci and I replaced it with an lp640 and the car did NOT like that because the gear ratios are different so it didnt like what it thought was improper shaft speeds. I solved it with a computer that adjusts the numbers fo
  5. Not gonna lie Fortis is hands down my favorite member on here and I have never met him. His success is one thing, but his perspective is always soooo spot on. I’ve never found anything he said to be idiotic or without merit. Can’t say that for the rest of you.... or even myself lol. Here is the thing. Life is short, I truly mean that, I swear just yesterday I was 11 years old dreaming about owning a Countach 5000s, today I am 45 and have owned 2 lambos and literally millions of dollars worth of cars (as have many on here). No car have I ever kept and until recently, none have ai ever
  6. I must admit, I love the banter between his signature and your comment lol. Ya know what, I was looking past the fact he had a Monterey Blue stick, I get so used to owning a Monterey Roadster, I forget just how special that color is. Very valid point, its MB AND Stick... if it was a convertible (aka Roadster) it would be my unicorn. Sadly no such car exists and so this is literally is my 2nd Favorite of all ‘Real’ Murcielagos. First ‘doesnt exist’ unicorn would be a SV LP670 stick in MB. I know its unpolite to ask numbers, so I wont ask, but if I was to guess $310-340k range?
  7. Aka, the airbag. The Murcielagos have weak 'clock springs' in the steering wheel that provides the contact to the airbag, if someone tried to adjust the steering wheel while the car was 'on' or 'running' that brief break in continuity in the airbag connection when the telecoping steering wheel is moved/adjusted sets a code, that can ONLY be removed with a TRUE Lamborghini diagnostic computer with the airbag module wire. Ask me how I know... lol... LITTERALLY HOURS BEFORE I sold my 2006 Murcielago, I had the NEW owner test driving the car, and I said 'lets adjust the steering whee
  8. I'm pretty sure everyone is going to tell him not to sell it. IT IS after all a stick LP640, which I cant remember the numbers, but its something like 27 in the US? or 27 in the world? or 47? I cant remember, but we all know its ultra rare. OK so that said, BEFORE the price hike occurred roughly what 2-3 years ago? I would NOT have taken a stick over a e-gear, even my old posts indicated this. BUT what I would do, is take the money and run. If he has the chance to 'profit' on the increased price of a manual, but get himself BACK into a murci with CASH in his pocket....I'd do it.
  9. We’ll have to disagree, I think every element of the cars come into consideration when they are evaluated against their siblings. Its like stick vs egear, 580hp vs 640hp, amazing brakes vs mediocre (removed inflammatory language if thats causing the issue) . I never brought up this point to create any hostility or a debate, simply brought up a less mechanically acceptable aspect of one of critical components that I think matters in evaluation. Thanks, Jon
  10. I’m not a fan of theirs, but this is EXACTLY what I was guessing was going to happen. Sadly he is probably going to get it with the current hype on stick murcielagos.
  11. I am your guy for this, hopefully you’ll trust I am not a Whiteout fan boy as I give honest feedback on what works and doesn’t work. 1. It sounds fantastic, it still reminds me of my LOC that I replaced it with, but it saves a good few pounds over that setup. Pretty sure however it does not shoot flames as no one has mentioned that while following me and I do a lot of group car stuff that someone would have said so. If you want flames you have to drop the primaries too. 2. I haven’t gotten a single engine code with this setup, no engine missfire and no CAT efficiency codes either.
  12. You just got exposed to the very reason I cannot stand that guy.
  13. I have these on my car, and its the simplest,lightest, most effective secondary and muffler delete option out there.
  14. Either I wasn’t clear or you didn’t understand me, what I am saying is something we all know, retail sale of a car fetches more money then a private party sale. If Roy sells the car (or actually its current owner Chicago Motor cars) they will get more money for it than if I sold it myself. So while the costs to purchase it from the auction house would be the same the resale price would be more profitable to a retail store then a private party. So I was under the belief and proven right that a retail store bought it and will certainly be trying to get a nice profit off it. More than I could
  15. inquiring minds want to know, did you buy it back?
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