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  1. A heated thread indeed, I must say that I have personally seen this car come together and come from a road racing, fabrication, and restoration background as well. To everyone playing the hater roll I must point out that while Covert Tuning Dynamics brought "Stig" to this event, it really wasn't its world debut. Covert Tuning kindly sponsored the Pittsburgh Cars and Coffee event at the hanger and the effort to bring Stig was more of a teaser/local showing. Naturally, in this day and age information travels very fast.... The Pittsburgh guys are truely awesome car people and a lot of fun too. I am certain the CTD guys wanted to help give them a great party and indeed the event was excellent and I have been to my fair share of upscale automotive functions. Regarding the car..... This is their monster prototype build and they have their sights set high. Naturally. Having carefully looked at the inner workings of the build, I can tell you that their workmanship is indeed world caliber. Especially when you consider this is a prototytpe vehicle. I can also say that the quality of welding I have seen is actually better than the welding I have witnessed on the factory Mercedes DTM race cars. The packaging is excellent and the work is inspired. What will it do?... Covert Tuning like any other world class tuning company or racing team pushes boundrys. We all know it takes money to go fast, but it is the ingenuity, drive, and passion for success that sets people and businesses apart. Regardless of the hurdles the CTD guys may face, it is my personal opinion that they will overcome them in stride from my experiences with their people. Rest assured that they will turn out high quality work. How to bet?... Clearly, I think you should bet against them. Really. ....but that's because I want a bigger payout since my money is on them.
  2. chaparralman


    Hi guys, Just wondered if anyone has any leads on getting tires for Countachs now? I've read the old threads and am having no luck. I have some spare rears, but would really rather get some fresh tires for all corners. What will the future hold for our tires? Will Coker pick them up? Thanks all
  3. Actually, The car checks out as one of the few that is kosher to sell in the States. This was a project done in direct collaboration with the factory. I understand the idea of putting carbs back on, but to do so would be wrong as you would be erasing the most important part of this car's history. It is not one of the cobbled together private shop systems to BS pass US regulations. This is a legitimate car done specifically for the Lamborghini factory so that they could copy it for the future factory fuel injection systems. IE, why it went back to Lamborghini in 84 where they finalized the front and rear designs and copied the injection system. Notice the prototype plenum is plain where the factory plenums are finned and say Lamborghini, but still are the same basic design. I've been told first hand that this car was also the first where they convinced the factory to start using valve seals and a more appropriate piston ring tension.
  4. The internet and forums are a crazy place. Regardless of your thoughts or opinions. I thought some of you may enjoy this comedic video. Beware the internet trolls.... they bait you and feed on negative reactions
  5. Such an argument... And a worthwhile one to have, truly. My vantage point was pricing it as a milestone car in Lamborghini history. That which it is. Let's start here... The car was originally a carburetted Euro version 1982. At the least, with no history, it is worth what a nice carbbed '82 5 litre is. That being said, it is also a milestone car which at the least would command a premium. My thoughts... It is the first fuel injected Lambo. That is a serious stone in the Lamboghini family tree. You must look beyond just Countachs. A comparison. Let's say one could buy a late 70's 4 litre 2 valve car for 350K. Great.... It is the same basic thing as mine with a smaller engine and no history.... You say, they made less of those than the injected.... I say, really? They made less than one? Look, I am not here to argue. Lord knows I have other things to do and I am sure you as well. I am only giving a look into the logic behind it. My feelings that a milestone in the Lambo family tree has value is in no way a detriment to the marque nor is it insulting to any example of that marque. Worse comes to worse, I have a milestone Lamborghini that is a blast to drive! There is a lot to be said for having the first fuel injected Lamborghini period. Thanks for all your help thus far guys. I have enjoyed learning more about our cars and have generally had a great experience. Casey
  6. Apologies, but this is incorrect. Ther were indeed factory injected 2 valve cars.
  7. Ok guys. First off, it is silly for people who own these cars to be bashing anyone who feels they are more valuable. The car has history. It is not the typical Countach. The car started as a carburetted car and that is what it originally was. Recently a '78 4 litre car sold for 350k. I know first hand. Prices are moving. The very idea that the car is worth low 100's is very shortsighted. I would appeal to everyone to let private messages remain private and to use the same gentlemanly condut online that we strive for in the real world. Again, if you own one of these cars be happy that anyone feels they are worth more
  8. Guys, Yes, I posted my prototype Countach for sale. Here is what is behind that. The car has worth while history and is an excellent example. If it doesn't sell, then the worst thing that happens is that I have a great Lamborghini to enjoy. Truth is that because of the value of the history, I would not consider a strait-up trade for basically any other Countach that isn't some special one off or part of Lamborghini history. Price was put accordingly. That being said, I dearly LOVE Lamborghini and Countachs. I do enjoy the community both in the real world and here on this great forum. I look forward every moment I get to spend with Lambos in some form and am typing this after a great drive that I just took on a beautiful spring day. See you guys on the road! Casey
  9. Interesting. Originally silver over blue then? Would be interesting to see.
  10. Just go to www.putschracing.com to the multimedia page and watch the video of the car at the gas station. You can see the exhaust in the beginning.
  11. Love your car man! Great color combo and glad you drive it
  12. No the car is exactly as it left the factory last in like 84-85 in all ways. Except tires, some little misc tune/maintenance stuff, and my exhaust. I will be retaining its worthwhile history as the prototype configuration. My interior is honestly perfect. The leather is supple, un worn/cracked and with no shrinkage. The paint is also very very fine and not chipped. Shoot me a message if you ever want any help with your car.
  13. My car originally had the big heavy Countach "box" exhaust then modified with cats when it became the prototype. Even through the car is special, I could not stomach no exhaust note. I removed the system (unbolted only) and made a bolt on system that consists of two Supertraps (very 80's) to each bank. I then made a cradle that supports the new mufflers and uses the stock Lamborghini exhaust mounting points. I can easily bolt the old exhaust back on. This is the one thing I had to change for the enjoyment of driving and it did make a large difference in waking up some perkiness too. I will actually be restoring the original exhaust system shortly when I attend to more detail and tuning work on the car.
  14. Funny! There is a model of the car in its original form. That car was the only in this color combination and configuration.
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