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  1. Steve K

    Is anyone in the BITCOIN market?

    $8671 now.
  2. $60/ year. i thought the "music genome project" was state of the art bla bla bla
  3. damn guys pandora just played lordof the dance for me. wtf its hard to say goodbye after a decade...
  4. Pandora vs Spotify vs (maybe) Apple Music I've been a Pandora user pretty much since the early 2000's. I love it, but it seems like their "music genome project" isn't really all that special anymore, and might be surpassed by Spotify. Anyone make the switch over to Spotify from Pandora? Likes/ Dislikes?
  5. Steve K

    Heffner Performance / OB Prestige Auto Drag Pack Huracan

    wow.Christmas came early this year. cant wait to see more from this!
  6. Steve K

    Huracan TT and SC vs 720s....

    just doesn't make sense... how is the mclaren still faster
  7. Steve K

    Another mass shooting
  10. witnesses saying the killer shouted "allah akbar" had fake guns. bb guns/ toy guns.
  11. nypd has him in custody 6 dead
  12. they are saying it is a terrorist attack. the shitbag mowed down some people by driving on the bike lane and then came out of his rented vehicle and shot people