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  1. Beautiful car, do you get to use a rolls royce loaner with that since you bought it used? A friend of mine has a ghost and said the dealer wouldn't give him a loaner unless they bought it new from the local dealership.
  2. Im kind of in the same boat....what are some pretty beat up equities right now....I have interest in AAPL or anything. Id like something safe and steady
  3. I've talked to a few cam girls on mfc all say the same thing lots of army guys and many handicapped men....but lots of normal guys too.i assume army men bc they're on a base away from women but the thing is you can get a cam girl to live out any fetishes you want...or even some guys like the personal attention from a woman when they lose their gf or wife and don't wanna deal with strippers who tend to be biotches...cam girls are really nice even if you aren't paying them and just talking in free chat bc they know someone will swoop in with 500 guys in the room and take her for a private show....strippers get mad the minute you don't tip haha...
  4. you know whats funny chimay.....strippers in the old days made good money but some of these cam girls like Aspen Rae, who i dont even find attractive, was on howard stern and claimed to take in close to $100K/month from home.......I mean the math is all there a guy starts a private show which a girl makes $3/min from and 50 guys are "spying" and she makes $1/min from those thats $53/min......sure beats a $20 lap dance at $6/min.....plus there's tips for videos,group shows which cost guys $1/min.....this is the future of smart stripping haha....good for girls, bad for guys who like real strip clubs.....myfreecams.com makes a killing
  5. plus allan is the king of hot women that video of the blondes in the SLR is a dream of mine bi-weekly haha.....and if this thread gets his stamp of approval then its a go
  6. what shit storm? im not a newbie....ive been on the site for almost 5 years, look at my profile.....i just rarely post bc Im not a lambo owner so I don't have much to contribute. I do own a porsche but that's only worth $70k or so yet I always dream about Lambo ownership one day and enjoy the posts on this forum. This is a topic I can contribute to haha, and she was online while I was reading the forum figured I'd post a question see if there were any other girls to check out.....
  7. Im not gonna lie since Im pretty anonymous over the internet haha but aside from always reading on Lambopower.... I do enjoy watching a little cam girl hottie from time to time at work..... I have a few favorites but this girl just gets me every time, guess its because I live in Los Angeles and every other girl i see is a tall skinny blonde model and I like thicker girls with a booty here is Makayla Divine my away from the wife at work fantasy girl haha...sad bc I've been married for just under a year now Makayla's Webcam Profile For those that don't want to click the link here's a picture of this amazing creature so if any of you admit to watching cam girls......post your favorites.....flame away at me, but Im married and who doesn't like looking at hot girls and I enjoy this more than porn bc simply you get to know the girl and chit chat about every day things
  8. I just saw a white one right next to me and my heart stopped, most beautiful car Ive ever seen, I wanted to know if anyone had some good pics of white dropheads? Anyone here own one?
  9. murcieman86

    50% Tax! WTF!

    The US progressive tax top tier of 39% is brutal as well which is why I find it laughable that guys like Buffett support BHO so much. On one hand I understand wanting to help your country, but when my country is dropping $300K+ to update the photos of air force one over NYC, I do not want them to have any more of my money. Of course in Warren's case when you're topping $100M/year year in year out, whether its 35%,39% or even 60% you will still have a ton of money. The people that really feel this nonsense are the guys who work their butts off for $400 or 500K and that extra 3-5% increase can amount to $25K which used to be a couple family vacations,wife jewelry, or eating at a nice restaurant every weekend money. This is America though, hard work shouldn't equal rewards like that, we should all be equal so just take more from the rich so they can enjoy life a little less! Im sorry for the rant but I'm so tired of watching the direction of our country
  10. Ive started my search for a phantom or a maybach 57. Im looking to stay under 200K if possible but even 200 is ok. I'm going to trade 2 of my cars in plus cash. The cars for trade are '07 S550 fully loaded $104K sticker 12K miles '06 E55 $91K sticker 32K miles '04 SL55 $131K sticker 42K miles A dealer here found me a maybach for close to 160K but the color was monotone and I didn't like it. I really would rather a phantom, and in the deep economic troubles were in with dealers getting killed right now I thought I may be able to get a good deal, I dont care about year because it won't be a daily driver, so anyone seeing anything in the 170K range with decent mileage theres one on ebay but at 50K miles thats way too much. Any help would be appreciated, Im located in texas and looking to buy soon
  11. I never knew just how fast the slr was, but I have an SL55 which I have been amazed by since i purchased it. Well I was fortunate enough to pull up next to one this past weekend I decided to give it a go and I have never ever ever ever been so embarassed....I knew it was coming just not to the extent it really came to. Truly awesome car you got there
  12. yes but bear stearns wasnt betting on the US economy failing like I did, gold was at $634/oz last summer when I saw it rise to mid 700s i knew something was wrong and got to researching and investing investing investing. Im out of the day trading currency for now w/ gold over 1000 its too volatile for me to stomach at 50:1 lev, but I am very intrigued by silver at anything under $25 I really feel it will be well over $30 come New Years next year.
  13. my stock pick for now is dont invest but if I had to 2 stocks I currently own that I think will make crazy money in the next year are LLEG, a penny stock which I purchase at .0017 not too long ago and is now at .0042 after 2 weeks of crazy rise I really think its gonna boom this year and AYR is a company that I love and just purchased alot of the other day, they are very profitable if you look at their balance sheet the only reason the stock plunged to near its 52 week low is because the biggest shareholder was a hedge fundthat had to sell off to cover other margin calls. It has a huge dividend and is profitable I see no reason for it not to double in value in the next year. Aside from those 2 I say just stick with a bunch of CanRoys in times like this they pay huge dividends that wont expire until 2010....Favs in order PVX,HTE,PGH. Also being from Houston I say Load up on KMP before you really regret in 5-10 years they are going to be megapowers and their dividends are very nice as well
  14. SO basically the past few months I rode the gold train up on Oanda which i use for 50:1 leveraged trading, I sold all my gold at $936, right after the second rate cut. I was in on all my positions right under $800 so I made a great deal. For the time being I dont wanna dabble too much in the stock market because its too volatile, most of my wealth outside of cash is in high yield stocks such as PVX and FRO. Both pay great dividends I like PVX bc its dividend is monthly, anyways with the economy falling apart what are some good stocks to start shorting and how far do you think they will go. Also I was interested in how oil futures are traded I've never dealt with them, I did a google search earlier and wasn't really able to find much info about the costs to get in on that I really see oil going over $200. I own gas stations and have been watching the sharp rise and am getting frustrated with the rising costs of keeping my tanks in the ground full so Im looking to profit along the way if anyone can help. for reference I trade with Etrade Pro and Oanda
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