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My new Phantom Coupe Pictures

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On 11/9/2010 at 11:49 PM, VBUGKING said:

Here are some pictures I took yesterday of my "new to me" Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe. Car is a 2009 (11 months old) and had 809 miles when I bought it. I was looking for a drophead and almost bought a couple, but in the end I decided the coupe suited me more than a vert in this car.


Options include:


Veneered Instrument Panel 1,275.00

RR Logo to Headrests 425.00

Brushed Steel Package 10,100.00

Veneered interior cappings 4,025.00

Camera System (front and rear) 3,800.00

21" Forged Star Alloy Wheels 6,275.00

Audio Integration for iPod 675.00

Starlight headlining in D Grey 12,100.00


Overall impressions:


I really love this car. It makes you feel very special while driving it around, and it has quite the presence in person. The ride is by far the most comfortable that I have ever experienced, and it's so quiet, you feel totally shielded from the road and outside world. The 6.75 liter V12 is so quiet, sometimes I wonder if I have forgotten to start the car. The handling is not too bad for a car this large (the coupe is 221 inches long, only 10 inches shorter than the 4 door), and the acceleration and shifts are ultra smooth. With 463hp, there is plenty of passing power. The luxurious leather, wood, and chrome seem to go on forever. There are plenty of nice details everywhere. The seats are very comfortable, and all the buttons are within reach. I really like the suicide doors, a little harder to get into, but much easier to exit than standard doors. The auto close door buttons are a nice touch. Even at 6'4, I dont have any trouble sitting in the back seats, although they are a little hard to get into there is a lot more leg and head room than in the backseats of the Bentley GTC. There are lots of storage areas inside the car including 2 glove boxes. The tailgate is a nice touch, although the trunk could be larger for a car this size. The starlight headliner and stainless hood are MUST haves, I would NOT consider a coupe without these options regardless of how cheap it was. The car obviously generates a lot of attention, but overall it's a much more mature type of attention, unlike the Lambos I have had where every teenager in a 5 mile radius is stalking and following me around. I actually feel relaxed when driving, which is rare for me.


There are a few minor things I dont like. My biggest complaint is, I wish there was an entry and drive system, where I didnt have to take the key out of my pocket to unlock/start/lock the car. Also, the seat controls are hidden inside the center console, annoying when a passenger or I want to change the seat settings while driving, and I have take my elbow off of it to open it. I also wish the starlight headliner would come on automatically (if I left it on) each time I started the car, instead of having to turn it on each time (the controls for it are inside the center console as well). The visiblity out the back window also could be better, the angle makes it hard to see very far behind you. And lastly, no surprise, a car this large can be tougher to park in a crowded parking lot.
















is that car still in your posession?

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