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  1. Hi all, I'm sure there are already various threads on the subject, and I'm not going to debate MT registration - we all know the pros and cons of it. However, DO have a question about something related to it! When discussing & exploring the subject of saving sales tax on exotics - it has been mentioned/some have thought: what about if you already are/or plan to become, a licensed car dealer?? Let me present a scenario to you: For those in the know - How would this situation work?? You ARE a dealer. You have dealer plates, of course. You want to buy (BUT FINANCE PART OF) a luxury or exotic car. You need to have a lender approve your creditworthiness, and put loan in YOUR OWN PERSONAL NAME. However, due to lien, you of course need full coverage insurance. Just like all your other personal vehicle policies, the insurance is in YOUR OWN PERSONAL NAME. Let’s just say your name is Joe Smith. So, you simply add “X” vehicle (let’s say it is a Veyron in this case) to your personal policy, insuring with comp & collision, etc. Good to go!! Now, Joe Smith has a loan IN HIS NAME for half the worth of this vehicle (Veyron), and Joe Smith also has comp & collision insurance IN HIS NAME for “X” vehicle (Veyron.) Lastly - registration. Joe Smith is the sole managing member of his dealer, say “ABC CARS LLC.” Auto Dealers can be issued a “TITLE ONLY/NO REGISTRATION” at DMV, avoiding sales tax & registration, but receiving no plates. Then, any auto dealer (in this case ABC CARS LLC), would own any vehicle that is “Titled Only” in the dealer name. Joe Smith decides he will use an ABC CARS LLC dealer plate to drive his Veyron around, and he is happy. So, Joe Smith gets a “Title Only” on “X” vehicle that he purchased above (Veyron!), and uses his dealer plate to drive the car. When Joe Smith and ABC CARS LLC got the “Title Only”, of course the electronic lien was notated (for the lienholder.) When said lienholder receives/looks at title of “X” (Veyron), they are going to see, and or previously know, three (3) things: 1. JOE SMITH got a loan in his name for half the worth of his Veyron. 2. JOE SMITH maintains and carries comp & collision insurance on the Veyron, per his state law, at the coverages reqd by insurance company. The Veyron is in addition to his Kia Optima (that his wife mostly drives), and his “other car” (say a Honda Accord). Three cars total on the personal policy. Note: the Optima and Accord are properly registered, taxes were paid & have regular plates - they don’t use dealer plates. Joe just didn’t want to pay tax on the Veyron! *Second Note*: of course this is slightly simplified. You don't insure your Veyron with Geico, next to your Accord. You likely use a specialty company. But you get the point.* 3. ABC CARS LLC, “owns” the Veyron - NOT Joe Smith, with whatever lienholder listed on there as well with ABC CARS LLC. So: What does the lienholder say about this slight discrepency (between loan/named insuranced/titled owner)????? No big deal???
  2. jpohl402

    What are u wearing

    You're welcome, happy to help. Have fun!
  3. jpohl402

    What are u wearing

    Smart man. You're happy with it, I take it? I shave mine. Been thinking of doing that though!
  4. jpohl402

    What are u wearing

    My vote for the one you should buy! A bit of enabling here!!
  5. jpohl402

    What are u wearing

    Which one did you get her?? You could get Forged Carbon Diver, also Ceramic Diver is light! These are all Forged Carbon: Bumblebee Ginza7 Singapore GP Jarno Trulli Alinghi Team FC Grand Prix FC 44mm 44mm Queen Elizabeth II Cup (with RG bezel) 44mm Self-winding Tourbillon Chronograph ----- get this one, my vote!!! Sebastien Buemi is light too (bead-blasted titanium) And for reallyyyy light - go check out some Richard Mille's. Have you ever had an RM on your wrist? Incredibly light - almost nonexistant! And sooo comfortable!! Not to mention cool and cutting edge with materials! Look at the new Bubba Watson (055) in black "TPT" material, with a white inner bezel ring. It's partially transparent so you can see whatever is behind or underneath it! What a sick watch!! AP and RM are my two fave watch brands! Keep us posted what you decide to buy, please!!
  6. jpohl402

    What are u wearing

    Richard Mille made a full sapphire watch too, the 056!
  7. jpohl402

    What are u wearing

    They're one of the "Holy Trinity" of watchmaking...
  8. jpohl402

    What are u wearing

    I love them - but the movement is not made in-house actually, it is a Dubois-Depraz chronograph module... That is, of course, referring to the "standard" Chrono models (Offshore 42mm/44mm, etc) - NOT the Tourbillons, Concepts, Laptimer, etc (which are incredibly expensive & rare)!
  9. jpohl402

    What are u wearing

    Kickass piece for sure, love the Survivor! Also your RG Grand Prix! What else is in the rotation besides that Shaq? Love the white Concept of your friends' too!
  10. jpohl402

    What are u wearing

    Nice Montoya! I know you have other APs to go with that!? Which ones? Great taste (my fave brand btw.)
  11. jpohl402

    So where the fuck....

    So, what exactly DID ever happen with Dave Wiggins? I remember him from back in the day... it seems his "so-called tuning" shop closed?? But he has updated his Signature on here I see, to include fairly new (1-2 yr old) cars - Wraith and new Lambo? So, obviously the shop was not a major form of income, and probably didn't generate ANY revenue then? Where did he make his money then, out of curiousity?! (Sorry for old thread bump, didn't care enough to start its own topic!) Cheers.
  12. jpohl402

    high mileage manual LP640

    My friend is the one selling that car!
  14. jpohl402

    Entourage The Movie

    I just saw it... Absolutely loved every minute of it!
  15. jpohl402

    An Interesting Experience

    For some reason this makes me think of the scene in Crash, where after being carjacked, Terrence Howard gets out of his Navigator in the circle/driveway and says "What are you going to do? Pull the trigger pig!" Great flick btw, Paul Haggis did an outstanding job! Sorry to derail a tiny bit.