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  1. You sum up the brand with that last sentence. Is RR the best car? No. Do I want it? Yes
  2. Maybe alot of people will disagree..But I daily drove a new phantom 8 at one point and I don't think it was all that great.. The ride is smooth but the suspension doesn't handle bumps very well.. Im not good at writing reviews but I think this video sums up very well on how the RR feels to me in terms of driving: Fast forward to 15:00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qpqc3v_CGfI Alot of reviews said it was the best car ever made..It's the most comfortable car they've ever driven etc..But I was quite disappointed because my 90s Mercedes S class actually have a better ride than the 2018 Phantom 8. The engine is very smooth on a Rolls, be it the Ghost or the Phantom..but the ride quality on both of those cars aren't as good as what people make it out to be..maybe because most of them are forced to say good things since Rolls Royce lend them a car to do reviews or that they've never driven much luxury cars to compare with a Rolls Royce..or simply just bias towards the brand since it was suppose to be the best of the best.. I love Rolls Royce and its brand but having driven one for a long period of time now I don't think its as good as everyone make it to be. They claim its high tech and all but really..everything on a Rolls Royce is old..nothing new..its just new to Rolls Royce but its not new to the car world..a 5 year old Mercedes or Bmw is easily way more advance than the latest RR. In terms of technology, its only half of what the new 7 series is capable of.. Now, I haven't driven the Cullinan(I assume its pretty much just a raised version of a Phantom) but I first saw it during the launch here in Singapore followed by a closer look at the display unit in the showroom..I just don't understand the point of it other than building an SUV for the sake of fighting its rivals with Bentley's Bentayga and every other exotic brands going into the SUV market example Lamborghini, Ferrari etc.. The suicide doors won't work on a Cullinan.. On a ghost and Phantom the back doors are really heavy as it was meant to be open from the outside by the valets/chauffeur when you pull up at a hotel or fancy restaurant..But the design of having to push it open with your wrist from the inside is not easy as compared to pushing a door open with your elbow on a normal style door. The Cullinan is meant for family...I just don't see your kids opening the rear door with ease. It doesn't look good either. If you want a Rolls Royce. Buy the phantom to be driven around in or the wraith if you want to drive it yourself. The Urus was a much better car to drive than a Bentayga aswell..Lambo did a great job with the Urus but its still not a proper SUV like the G63 and RR Vogue. If I wanted an SUV I would get a G63 or a Range Rover Vogue.. again these are just my 2 cents..
  3. erm...no...i rather have water coming out of the walls and have a real SV parked in the driveway next to that. lol that looks stupid
  4. doesn't look like a Ferrari...no care.
  5. WTF is that thing...kill it with fireee
  6. Lambo91

    Nerd Game

    Guess I am not a nerd...I can't even get pass the first question.
  7. DO WANT. looks fkin hotttt
  8. why did you sell to some poser..LOL the car looked perfect when it was in your hands.
  9. he did the big SV logo to complete replicate the China Edition...Very nice..and sounds BEAST!
  10. glad i wasn't the only one who found the car hideous lol.. sucks to hear tho..
  11. Thanks for the link! geez that guy has his own Lambo factory going on there..
  12. yeah wheres the link...this is beautiful! especially them side by side.
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