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Congrats buddy, glad to see you're kicking ass out there!


I need to see if they have anything similar here in SoCal.


I am a huge fan of NASA. National Auto Sports Association


There are a ton of awesome groups to run in. you start in hpde1 and grow from there. So you can start with any car you want. The best thing to do would be to find the most competitive group out there and try to join that one.. That is what will grow your abilities the fastest, and be the most fun.


I know there was a guy trying to help build up a spec Z group out there.. but it just didn't take off. We racers out here that started the group really showed how much fun it can be in a competitive class and it just took off.. Everyone at the track wanted to jump in the class because it was a real litmus test to see how good of a driver you are..guys that were winning championships in st2 st3 ttu tt1 classes are mid to the back of the pack in our group.


Z benefits in my opinon

1. next to a miata it is the least expensive class imo to be competitive.... and you dont have to say " i race a miata"... we are 7-10 seconds a lap faster than a miata.. we are roughly the same pace as a spec cayman porsche.

2. the car is easy to work on. nissan really made an excellent race car in the Z. I can drop the entire engine and trans subframe in 2 hours.

3. parts are readily avail and inexpensive

4. we get good contingency.. for winning first place on sat I got $500 from nissan, $550 from toyo, and pads and rotors from reybestos. You only need five cars in class to start getting contingencies (huge reason to push for a group to grow)

5. total build cost to be competitve (on a $4,000 donor car if you do it yourself $25000 including if you have to pay about $5000 for a cage.) cage it yourself save $4000.

6. you can find a built spec z car for $15-20k there were some good cars built mid west to back east and the groups never took off there so sometimes the guys sell the cars for a good price.





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some recent racing vids.


had a porsche driver spin in front of me. Which is completely fine, but we always discuss in racer meetings, if you spin leave both feet in until the car comes to a complete stop.. the reason is because it puts you in 1 trajectory and the following racers can figure out where to go. If you let off the brake at the last second the tires will grip and send you in the direction the wheel is turned.. you can see the porsche roll almost right back in front of me.. it was a close call


close call with porsche



started in 4th got to 2nd and held the position the rest of the race.


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1 more short vid from the weekend. Sat i started in 3rd and didn't get aggressive on the start and lost a position. Then we had a red flag with a single file restart and lost another position. I played patiently waiting for an opportunity and it came exactly where I have made another pass on this exact same driver in the past. I was pumped how well it worked out! ha. The next driver was having some issues, but i think he was just late braking and it caught up to him. He couldn't make the turn in and I got around him without having to fight for it.


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almost took out a lambo at the start


here is another race.. took 2nd out of 17 cars on the full 4.4 mile track

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