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Brand wars / warts


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Through the years there have been many many stories of brand x versus brand y.

Who copied who, who said what.


This section is the one that tends to draw the drama, sometimes when you have not got a dog in the fight it is okay to sit on the side and grab the popcorn.

But the reality is the faceless factless handbag swinging bitch fight is actually doing your community a disservice.


Before you as a user here engage in any kind of debate here stop and think.

There will become a time when the macho dick swinging will get boring and people will walk away, companies will close as a result and you end up with an unserviceable bucket of bolts.

Everytime you engage in pointless inane rubbish debates and it descends into he said she said think about what the actual result actually is.


The arena of super fast twin turbos should be exciting enough without adding a pointless layer of bullshit to it.

Respect another brand, respect another member on here and just hammer the competition on race day.

You don't win prizes for doing anything else.

No one is on their deathbed wishing they argued with people on the internet more.

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