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Lpoking for some parts for my 1999 Diblo VT Roadster. Having trouble locating them.

The parts we're having trouble with were the thermocouple, temperature sensors, and wheel speed sensor.  


The sensor part numbers here are questionable because they're no longer available and because there are US and rest of world options for these so they couldn't even get me good part numbers to search, but here's what I have for those:  400919529 and  400919529A.


The Wheel Speed sensor part number is 51001139.  That one is correct, just unavailable.


Anyone have any ideas on finding these. Thanks.


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I am pretty sure I can get both temp sensors from stock. The wheel speed sensor I have a couple on order from factory now. Waiting for the backorder release on them. Shoot me an email and will send over options and I will check on them in the morning.

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