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  1. Yes this is a full engine kit from top to bottom. I probably have in stock if you need it and cheaper than Scuderia is
  2. If you can not find a lens replacement I can get you new lamp discounted at the best price.
  3. Do not know the cross on this one but I should have them new in stock and can offer a shop discount on it. Shoot me an email if interested [email protected]
  4. http://www.exoticwholesaleparts.com/partsale.php?pgn=3&cat=Accessories
  5. On the Murcielago's, The factory ordered key and remote comes already programmed to the car. Takes about a month to get in after order is placed. Its only the Gallardo's that need programmed after receiving the key and remote. Also price is about $100 cheaper through me.
  6. I am pretty sure I can get both temp sensors from stock. The wheel speed sensor I have a couple on order from factory now. Waiting for the backorder release on them. Shoot me an email and will send over options and I will check on them in the morning.
  7. AMHParts

    Key ring

    I did and he sent over pictures on a few he has. Unfortunately doesn't know exactly which one it might be.
  8. AMHParts

    Key ring

    Does anyone have an original 25th key ring you can post so I know what it is supposed to look like please. Have a bunch of options and want to make sure which is the correct one. Thank you
  9. AMHParts


    I do have the pad sets, would need to order the rotors though. Those would be a week to get if you even need them. Chances are you would just need pads
  10. AMHParts


    Let me check on them, I might have all available
  11. They are not the same. 04-08 does not fit 2009 and up
  12. I think I have them Allan, I 'll email them over
  13. I have both available. With the size of the files, its probably better if I put them on a small flash drive and mail it. Send me some emails with address details and will take care of you!
  14. I do have one available so will wait to hear.
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