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MY2021 Urus Pearl Capsule


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Lamborghini has released their Super SUV back in late 2017, and sales have raised to unseen levels for this V8 powered off-road vehicle from Sant'####, during 2019 no less than 8,300 Urus were delivered ... mostly in different shades of grey but also in the wild yellow finish ... for the 2021 model year the palette of colors has been enlarged, and now you can even ask the Ad Personam department to create your bespoke Urus.


The Centro Stile design department created the Urus Pearl Capsule as the first exclusive customization option for this model, using a bespoke two-tone exterior with a glossy black roof, black spoiler lip, black diffuser, and exterior rear-view mirror housing ... combined with a special selection of high-gloss, four-layer pearl shades like Giallo Inti, Arancio Borealis, and Verde Mantis.

Matt grey exhausts at the rear fit well with the massive, 23-inch glossy black wheels that boast a touch of color to complement the bodywork ... color-coded brake calipers complete the intimidating exterior look of the Urus Pearl Capsule edition.

And the bespoke Pearl Capsule continues on the interior of this amazing Lamborghini Urus, color-coded leather upholstery combined with Nero Ade Alcantara center sections on the seats, complete with the famous Q-Citura stitching pattern ... but a very nice Urus logo and TriColore flag are embroidered on the seat back too together with glossy carbon fiber panels and instead of the light grey parts on previous years of the Urus, now we see black anodized aluminum details.


Urus customers can now opt for a very special, matt grey shade called Grigio Keres ... which is exclusive to the Urus model, additionally a matt black, matt white and two shades of matt blue are now also possible as Ad Personam options.

For the 2021 model year 'upgrade', the Lamborghini Urus receives a new, exclusive key and an improved Parking Assistance Package ... the Urus can now park itself parallel or perpendicular at the touch of a button. And just in case you want more music than those thundering exhausts supply, the Urus can now be ordered with the Lamborghini Sensonum sound system ... 730 watt of power over 17 speakers.

And this is only a few years into the production of this amazing Super SUV from Lamborghini, I'm already excited about an additional model and a mid-life facelift ... this will be something amazing to look for shortly.

With everybody posting the Verde Mantis and Arancio Borealis images (there is no Giallo Inti in the press release photo set) I just couldn't resist creating the pearl yellow version myself.

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Just feel the options they offer on colour coding and only in some of the available colours are wrong, front and back ok with black styling but black skirts and arches really dont look great on it and don’t do its odd shape any favours. 

The best modded ones ive seen just leave the small strip at the top of the skirt black and thee rest colour coded. Also middle strip of the rear diffuser body colour and the rest of it black. They also look much better whole car all black as it hides the odd styling but is a bit boring. 

I really wish i could love it , but i just Can’t get on with the looks, why they couldn't have properly flared the arches and made it look more Lamborghini, such a small change would make a massive difference. Pearl interior looks more interesting for sure, but do you really want a suv that really stands out in a silly colour for family use. 

I would however suspect the second generation of these are going to look good. 

I thought that bur rsq8 is also ugly, looks much more ordinary in person than the pictures and would struggle to tell it apart from sq8 or even a decent spec q8 

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