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I know it is a youtuber and he makes money from making interesting / controversial videos, but would this reall be such a bad idea to allow access to gear box bolts / sensors ?

A couple of well placed holes should cause any structural damage / weakness and if "repaired or covered up" would it be an issue ?



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Purest will hate it.... Mechanics will love it.

As I recall there was a video with a Murcie where access holes where drilled on the USA passenger side of the console to access a transmission component.

Late model Pontiac Firebird owners opened holes in the trunk to access to fuel pump assembly to avoid exhaust and fuel tank removal.

Late 1960 Ford Mustangs with 428 engines; some mechanics drilled/ opened holes in the front wheel well to access the spark plugs.

Could one say even Ferrari created an access panel to the front of the engine when it updated to the 360 from the 355?

Personally, I would very much consider creating access a viable option.

But, if the car is a million dollar car, then I could say no, has value can be in how the car was created , with the idea being no-one ever knows or can tell if a repair was made.

I can not answer yes/ no in every situation.

Good luck in your decision.







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I like the idea of making access holes. It's really nice on a Ferrari 360 that the factory put a big access hold in the firewall behind the seats to change the timing belts. I wish all mid-engine cars with timing belts had that kind of access.

Needing the take out the whole engine just to get to something simple that the access holes would make possible with the engine in is a real net win. You can break a lot of things removing and reinstalling an engine, so the less you do it the better. Ask DDE.

But I can't believe that the Car Wizard didn't do some double checking of the plumbing behind the area he was cutting and cut into the hoses. Very rookie mistake.

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