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  1. Nice post, easy to read and easily understandable. Thank you. Also nice to see you are DIY repairing. Awesome. Best of luck.
  2. Not sure how I would vote: I love those AMG station wagons. Sedan height, storage (sleeping) ability, conservative, very fast. Only "con" I know of besides depreciation or costs is fuel miles per gallon (when compared to other wagons). This is a Lambo site. The Urus is "hot" desirable right now. Many say the Urus drives as a sports car, yet better than the above AMG? (I don't know). Mileage, costs, depreciation I would expect an apple to apple comparison with the AMG. Maybe the decision may be made on ground clearance? Perhaps made on the ease of egress/ ingress? Personally I am not a fan of SUVs, yet I see some practically for them if you have a family, or live in a snow zone, or transport a drum set In my case, I would buy the AMG (or look to a FF or Panamera - anything other than a high riding vehicle). Not sure how I would vote. (This is a Lambo site and I do enjoy the idea of an all Lambo fleet) Good luck in your decision.
  3. I love it. I'd say that is Lamborghini design! Good direction and I can't wait to see a two seat street version.
  4. Looks like a very "clean" installation and a nice conversion product. Congrats.
  5. I enjoyed your real time video. Why the bleed screw access is not so easy...Italian tradition I suppose. Would you consider an access panel on the outside of the center console's leather? Lastly, the Neutral Switch DTC code...was its failure coincidence or related to the bleed procedure?
  6. Going back to one of the OP original questions...the clutch job. TO bearing, resurface (or replace) flywheel, PP, disc...at authorized dealer is $21K? 34 hours book or maintenance guide time? Is that the price and correct understanding?
  7. I'll offer a consumer opinion based on my understanding. The lift system is activated/ increased by the amount of oil in the shock. That oil is now be held in place by a check valve. The shock in lift mode has no fluid movement....could say it is just a closed cylinder filled with oil. IMO any suspension travel/ movement will bring excess pressure of the oil against the shock body seals. Yes, best, ask local dealer for advice. Conservatively I would flat bed. And good luck!
  8. In for answers. Seemed like an easy question. V12noise's comment above has a strong point....left & right mislabeled on the diagram? Italian service manuals....photos/diagrams better than words?
  9. Stimpy, in hindsight, do you think heating the hose in a mircowave oven, to make the hose softer/ more flexible. would be worthwhile?
  10. +1 for Mega Chad. Great content, great DIY.
  11. FWIW. I wouldn't stress and have a Happy Birthday make up day. Damaged no. Used up a few miles of clutch life yes. How many miles did you lose I can not say. If NO drivability issues, again, flywheel, throw out bearing, transmission shafts, I doubt were damaged. If you wish you could have a shop measure the remaining clutch thickness, I would not and save $$. Maybe, just maybe, you glazed the flywheel, but again if their are no drivability issues, I'd say all is okay. Re do that Birthday, have a great Birthday.
  12. A "wow" thread. Well written and successful repair. Almost makes me wish to do this repair for fun...LOL. Thank you.
  13. Allan asks a question similar to what is the best motor oil. Seems to be a never ending debate with personal preferences. What is most popular these days? From what I see on forums... Adams. Zaino used to be popular, some have used Griots Garage for many years. I'd like to add that wax for a black car is truly the ultimate answer to Allan's question. Prep -It's all in the prep (wash, clay, machine polish) to achieve the "what is best" (Dry the car with a "leaf" blower, apply products with foam applicators, buff off with high quality micro fiber towels.) Glaze - to fill in mirco defects. Wax - Synthetic lasts longer (best life?) over Carnauba (best reflection?) Liquid vs paste (ease of application?) Wax again - to cover any missed areas and complete your labor/number of wax coats diminishing return. Glaze again - to add two day lasting oils for the ultimate "pop" of shine. Question is about wax not ceramic coatings or other coatings. Perhaps ease of purchasing the product could be a consideration as to which wax is best. FWIW I like Meguires….Glaze # 7, Carnauba paste wax over Wax # 26 and their plastic polishes & plastic cleaners Many Walmarts, NAPAs, Pep Boys stock Meguires. I truly think that most product brands are equal and any choice is a wax winner. Again for shine it is all in the prep. Depth vs reflection, product life, ease of application and cost perhaps being deciding factors. I am glad, "What is the best beer?" was not the original question Black cars are so fun waxing to that ultimate reflective shine and "pop".
  14. Well, its your decision. I probably would not as it changes the design style of RR. I could be swayed if RR offered a spoiler as an option. Yet, aftermarket, again probably not. Good luck with your decision.
  15. In for the facts, answers and conclusion. Sad, even upsetting story. Best wishes for the OP.
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