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  1. for my Diablo 6.0 I built a 2x6 arm with some pads to sit on top the jack and lift the frame on each side near the front diff. Of course I have to drive the car onto ramps first to get the jack and arm underneath.
  2. The car is authentic, now I remember seeing it about 4-5 years ago in Milpitas CA. Met the owner. https://youtu.be/V3Trd3AYh0o?t=109
  3. forgive me if this is a replica. I can't see anything in the pictures that would indicate it's not real. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/eby/pts/d/hayward-1997-lamborghini-diablo-parting/7069949472.html
  4. If someone want to know more about the car perhaps talk to [email protected] Exotics. He was with Al at the time and possibly contributed to it. Looks clean, I like the paint color. The decals need to go. Custom air cleaner appears to be missing.
  5. The Diablo has a reputation for being reliable when not neglected. If you are worried about maintenance costs or parts availability spend the extra money up front to get a well sorted car. I have never owned a 512TR but I've considered a few. Keep in mind that Ferrari is a sports car company and the 512TR is a GT car. While Lamborghini is an exotic car manufacturer and the Diablo was their flagship car in the 90's (ok, so it was also there only car at the time).
  6. I've done it but forgotten the details. The basic problem is getting stuff out of the way so your hands can reach behind. I think I had to remove the fans to give my hand room to reach the nuts that hold covers in place. You also need to remove the center grill and it might help to have the muffler box if you yours if yours is stock or in the way.
  7. falconsprint


    From MT https://www.motortrend.com/cars/lamborghini/huracan/2020/lamborghini-huracan-sterrato-first-drive-review/
  8. Diablo's have a switch on the parking brake that gets stuck on. Jiggle it.
  9. Congratulations and enjoy! As for the creaking sounds, it depends on where they are coming from. The interior is full of creaks from the leather and panels. The drivetrain doesn't have much isolation from the frame so you'll feel lots of vibrations and resonances depending on rpm and load. The suspension should be quiet. Perhaps some of the rubber bushings are worn out. The rubber ages regardless of the number of miles on the car.
  10. Perhaps your slave cylinder is leaking onto the clutch rod. Agree with VCR, replace it before it breaks. It appears to have a lot of corrosion.
  11. I'll be lurking at Quail this year. If I don't get too distracted by the food and drink I'll swing by.
  12. the parts diagram I have access to labels them both as drain pipes. Perhaps someone has incorrectly routed it up into the dash. If it is leaking you should be able to tell if it is coolant or condensate by smell or by taste.
  13. The way I interpret the picture is that 31 and 27 our two versions of the same item (evaporator drain tube). Perhaps coupe vs roadster?
  14. I changed the thermostat on my 6.0. Unfortunately replacements are ~$400. I don't remember anything unusual about the job. Be sure to use the factory gasket as well. Mine was only opening part way, before replacing it the coolant temperature would push towards 100F. After replacement I've driven in 100F weather in Napa and stop/go in LA and the coolant temperate does not rise above 90. From what I've seen on the forums, Diablos don't typically overheat. You need to make sure the weep hole in the Thermostats is at 12 o'clock.
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