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  1. Afternoon Was bored yesterday morning so I took the starter motor out. It was easier than changing the oil ! the car lives on a 4 post lift so I can sit on a chair and reach the starter motor. Getting the wheel off was the hardest part- it is just fiddly finding a jacking point on a 4 post lift. battery shows 12.68 and the car hadn’t been out for a couple of weeks. i didn’t remove anything, big oil line is still in place handbrake cable is still there. The front but 19mm spanner, the top nut 17mm socket. I could get about 2 clicks on the ratchet but that was Just enough to be able to ind the nut. I would have struggled without the inspection camera though. I reckon under an hour once I had finished p****ing about with the wheel. Hopefully the repair shop can have a look at it next week. thanks for all the suggestions and LW for his thread on removing the starter, will report back on the outcome. del
  2. Thank you for your suggestions. I will start with the cheapest easiest option and work up form there. Battery is a few years old now, and I have never changed the key fob battery. Being on lockdown means I have the time to play with the starter motor, although the rebuild shop is closed ! Thanks Del
  3. When it does fire it starts up without issue, when driving it charges at 14v. If it was battery I would assume it struggled to turn over but it fires well. the coils are 18 months old. The starter does click bit doesn’t always fire up. Now is that starter or the immobiliser not switching off? thanks
  4. Morning, 2003 car. Getting trickier to start. I assumed it was the immobilizer as some random pressing of the button would sometimes illicit a response but it could be the starter motor on the way out. Has anybody seen immobilizer problems or is it likely to be the starter motor ? Thanks Del
  5. del mar


    I know it has been done to death.... we seem to have limited options in the UK. Pirelli p zeros seem to come in three different patterns Winter sottozero Assimetrico Normal - a poor description but a more open tread pattern than the assimetrico. Other than winter is there much difference between them ? thanks del
  6. All done - it took some time to undo the locking nut rusty / stiff, but there is more tension in the cable now.
  7. coils - just touch each of the manifolds with your hand, the one that doesn't burn your fingers is the one that is failing !
  8. Thanks will have a look this weekend. If anybody is ever interested i have recently changed the coolant - not a difficult job.
  9. Afternoon, Mine is fairly useless.. Is there much adjustment on it, and has anybody adjusted theirs ? Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks Del
  10. Morning, I am sure i have read both 10.5l and 12l somewhere ? I have done it before but cant remember how much went in. Thanks Del
  11. It is almost 30c in England at the moment !! I have a 2003 car, where are the valves to regass the air con ? Thanks Del
  12. Morning, Previously I have had them "locked" in the open position but for the last year or so they have been in auto mode. I took the car out of the garage on Saturday and one side instantly opened, it will not go down. When you turn it off and remove the key it stays up, its default setting is up. The other side operates normally. I have removed the ram and motor and you can see that the motor will only turn in one direction, irrespective of whether I have pressed the button to close or not. What has gone wrong here, can the motor "fail" and not reverse, or does the system need locking in open and then resetting ? Motor looks nothing special a small 12v one. Thanks del
  13. Mine 2003 have always been hit and miss. I gently pull mine in when I press the button - or get my son to help doesn't do any harm - Gently being the word just to start / assist the motor.
  14. The before and after pictures are like those from fitness videos. Different angle and different lighting, makes it difficult to appreciate the improvement. I could shed 50lbs with the right lighting and angle....
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