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  1. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/460002500-heating-air-conditioning-control-mg-rover-serie-45-1029240-/353301037167?var=0&mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&campid=5338268676&toolid=10044&customid=Cj0KCQjw6NmHBhD2ARIsAI3hrM2IjlcEgXwd21OYL6-FWP5uo76ODuw15irQ5PW5722tDdRgwJtpygsaApn5EALw_wcB
  2. Buy a new one..... They were use in Rover 45 cars, and you can pick up an entire car for peanuts !! You do see them on ebay for about £50 - the unit not the car
  3. i replaced my ducting aswell. Steering wheel straight ahead, i fitted the hose. Then turned the wheel and the hose fell off as it was stretched too much - DOH !!! There was then not enough hose to do the other side !!
  4. I have always used the middle of the frame at the back, with the handle down i can slide the jack straight underneath the exhausts and jack it up. I can only get the half movement out of the handle but that is enough. Then put the axle stands on the corners of the frame, they are reinforced in that area.
  5. thanks - that shows no wire connected to the threaded rod/bolt.
  6. if you get a chance over the festive period could somebody squeeze their hand down the back and have feel to see if anything is connected to it ? thanks
  7. It’s back on the car !! On an earlier thread on it, there was the suggestion “ pull the heat shields” as if that is an easy job !!!! the belt has 6 ridges and 7 grooves the steering 6/7 and the air con 7/8. I have left the groove nearest the engine on the air con pulley free. car starts and dash shows 14.6v so all is well. I will need to get the belt correctly tensioned, using the harmonic tool, this can be done with heat shields back in place. before I screw it all together should there be something on the end of this ? I can’t find a stray wire that needs a home,
  8. Belt was a pig, i managed to get it so that it was only around the power steering pump pulley. i was a case of folding and pushing it between the pulley and the engine a gap about the same size as the belt !! Not sure how it goes back in, but i will fit it before the alternator goes back in. The belt that came out was a Contitech 7pk 1570. About £15 on ebay or £100 from lamborghini. there was a spare in the car being 1568 and Eurospares list an after market part as 1575. For those that have changed theirs what length did you use ? thanks
  9. Bearings are out 83B812 6203LHA Regulator Bosch 1197 311 236
  10. in the UK it appears to cross reference with the original Ford Galaxy / VW Sharan / Seat Alhambra, in the UK. Bosch 021 903 025C 0123 520 002 14v 150amp
  11. Evening, As nobody had responded i thought i would just go for it. It took 2 hours to get it free from the car and then another 30 mins to get it out of the engine bay !! Remove the rear deck lid - selection of 10mm bolts. Two connectors for the motors that lift the spoiler, and three 10mm bolt to remove the lock. Two 10mm and four 8mm bolts on the heat shield. it is all reasonably easy to see but there was a lot of leaning over to get at it. The car has a tubi exhaust with no secondary cats so there was more space to work, the bolts didnt look as if they wer
  12. Evening, i am in quarantine again so i thought i would take mine out to change the noisy bearings. I searched but couldn't find a thread on it, has anybody done it ? Any tips would be appreciated mine is a 6.2. I would rank removal of the starter motor as a 4/10, although getting the top bolt back on a 9/10. The car is on a lift so i can get access to the underneath easily. Thanks Del
  13. Morning, I know it is a youtuber and he makes money from making interesting / controversial videos, but would this reall be such a bad idea to allow access to gear box bolts / sensors ? A couple of well placed holes should cause any structural damage / weakness and if "repaired or covered up" would it be an issue ? Thanks Del
  14. I’ve done this, but a while ago. yoi need to remove the astray and armrest first to get at it and then I think it lifts up. the eurospares parts diagrams should show you how these bits are fixed. sorry I can’t be more helpful
  15. The entire binnacle is only held on at three points these two thumb screws and a metal bracket at the back - ie the nearest the screen. https://www.eurospares.co.uk/parts/lamborghini/murcielago-2003/interiors/dashboard-instruments-19473 The thumb screws connector on part 37 and the metal bracket is part 19. If you are saying the instrument are loose, once you get the entire binnacle out it is easy to see how it is screwed in.
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