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  1. silhouette


    Grazie !
  2. silhouette

    18' Performante arrived!

    Congratulations Tony that is awesome....
  3. silhouette

    Highest VIN Huracan?

    Mines 5417 constructed in late May and an MY 17
  4. silhouette

    50th Ann participant book

    Got mine. Awesome...and found myself in a few photos
  5. silhouette

    50th Ann participant book

    Looking forward to receiving it
  6. silhouette

    50th Ann participant book

    Will we ever get such an opportunity again? Unlikely to be repeated
  7. silhouette

    50th Ann participant book

    Yes, it left yesterday.
  8. silhouette

    50th Ann participant book

    I have been chasing it. I was told last week that it has been delayed. They will be sending it out to us soon......
  9. silhouette

    Post some pictures of your favorite Diablos

    Just an awesome shot, showing up the muscular lines.
  10. silhouette

    Good deal if you don't mind the miles!

    Some 6.0 cars left the factory with that wing. However it is mounted to far forward. I suspect it was added later by someone who did not know where they are mounted.
  11. silhouette

    Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Italian Trip

    Yes I got that email. Can't wait for it to arrive. I was asked and sent some photos to them a couple of months ago. I went to the 40th as well as the 50th so hope they have another event for the 60th.
  12. silhouette

    Carter motor questions... again

    There is nothing wrong at all with the whole system. Far be it from me to ever be critical of Lamborghini. Perhaps you did not receive my communication as I intended. Or I expressed myself poorly. My point solely is that if a Diablo owner wants to cure the carter motor issues permanently look into ways to remove the carter motor and have another system look after the job the carter motor does. The system can piggy back the original system and there may be no need to do any more. In addition with the cost and availability concerns of original parts within the system there are alternatives that could be considered as logical but sympathetic upgrades to keep the cars reliable and ensure they are kept on the road in years to come.
  13. silhouette

    Carter motor questions... again

    The carter motor issue is common and one of the flaws that cannot be cured properly and permanently.....unless you install a Motec system to control the idle and a number of other things. It's a modern upgrade that makes the car more tunable and even more reliable.
  14. Yes same car owned by Mark Jansen of Australia.
  15. silhouette

    Lamborghini 50th Anniversary Italian Trip

    Me too. I'd do it all again tomorrow. But I doubt it will be repeated. Great memories of an awesome time