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  1. Alex@InterstateMotorsport

    Actuator leak, how's my plan?

    Where are you located? If you are local we can assist you. The proper bleeding process And calibration is imperative. We have the factory tools to perform this service here at interstate Motorsport
  2. Brand new still with the stickers on them! 2 front tires. Great for Concours shows or for future collectability to have original tires of the era. Also, most likely unable to buy new for this specific tire. PM or email if interested. Regards, Alex
  3. Alex@InterstateMotorsport

    WTB: Gallardo VI ASAP!

    Little late to the party but we have an 07 vi gallardo with just 7k miles!!
  4. Alex@InterstateMotorsport


    I have a nice set (4) of Hercules wheels only in black for the Murcielagos/diablos. Wheels come with center caps. As of now I am unable to upoad pics. please email/pm for more info 6099545771 Regards, Alex
  5. Alex@InterstateMotorsport

    WTB: 25th anniversary Countach

    I believe the days of buying a "cheap" countach are long gone. They were unappreciated and undervalued for so long. Best of luck on finding a "deal" we are looking everyday to add to our personal collection. Regards, Alex
  6. Alex@InterstateMotorsport

    WTB: Your Car Lambos/DD ETC

    Interested in buying any and all Members cars! Whether it be your Lambo, your Daily driver, or that project that was never finished! Please email your info or call the office! We are always interested in helping members out! Looking forward to speaking to some members! Alex 600-239-7800
  7. Alex@InterstateMotorsport

    What is it worth... Insurance

    We have your older brother 97.5 in scurro blue getting service done. Beautiful color. If you need help with insurance feel free to send me an email.
  8. Alex@InterstateMotorsport

    Anyone with 308 Luggage?

    Hello, Long shot! But, I am looking to acquire 308 luggage for a customer of mine. If anyone has some or can point me in the right direction, would be fantastic! Regards, Alex 6092397800
  9. Alex@InterstateMotorsport

    SE30 Side Windows

    where at in the UK are you? I met a guy over seas who has helped me source a lot of parts for the older cars. PM me Alex
  10. Alex@InterstateMotorsport

    WTB: Diablo 91-01

    If you are considering to part with your diablo; year does not matter model does not matter please send me a PM or email with info about your car. We are Always looking to add cars into our inventory and personal collection! Kindest Regards, Alex
  11. Alex@InterstateMotorsport

    WTB: Diablo Door shocks, Need help!

    Are there differences in the door shocks between early cars and later model cars? Or coupes VS. Roadsters. Where do you guys find the correct gas door shocks besides going through lambo? Thanks for the help! Alex
  12. Alex@InterstateMotorsport

    6.0 Wheel question

    I have 6.0 wheels off a car. PM what questions you have.
  13. Alex@InterstateMotorsport

    1991 Diablo on CL $79K

    Way, We bought that car and sold it several years ago. The man wanted to be buried inside with the car, however, the state law wouldn't allow it. We did a fresh interior and sold.
  14. Alex@InterstateMotorsport

    WTB: Diablo Exhaust (Power Craft?)

    I have a larini exhaust if interested? Easy fitment and installation. You could install yourself depending on how mechanical you are...
  15. Alex@InterstateMotorsport

    WTB Aftermarket lp640 wheel

    I did not receive it? I'll shoot you Pm with an alternative address