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  1. Tesla is a tech company that happens to make cars, they are valued as such because they have separate individual companies within the company itself. 1) They own Perbix which manufactures robotic for factories, 2) Mobile eye which is a develop company for the other auto industry brands. 3) Tesla power storage division 4) Tesla Gigafactory manufacturer for batteries for anything out there that uses batteries not just for their own cars. I know I'm forgetting more but these was on top of my head, each in their own are worth lots of coin and make additional value for Tesla. Google, and Apple are two other tech companies in talks in making their own cars in the future. Electric cars are here to stay and Tesla was the first in a long time to disrupt the auto industry, also this might be hard to believe here on this forum but there is millions maybe billions of people that can care less what a car sounds like.
  2. Hillary is shitting her pants, Ohio will determine the winner. Trump has a lead in that state, this election race will be won by a nose length.
  3. Jagata

    After-market wheels

    I would get HRE if you are looking for after market, they have been tested and approved with TUV, JLL certifications. Rotiforms are junk ask me how I know.
  4. I have it also, ditto on what he said.
  5. Trump has such a huge mountain to climb which he probably won't be able to, things looks dim when even the Bush family wants Clinton to win. Trump will feel the punch, financially for sure maybe not bankrupt him but for sure he will feel it.
  6. Need look no further than Audi new taillights with the sweeping turn signals.
  7. nowadays no one wants to own up to their own mistakes no matter how small it is, which always escalates the road rage. If I know I was wrong I simply and politely give a wave of apology and move on.
  8. Too bad his own party can't say that. Now if John Mccain was running with Paul Ryan as his running mate I'd be 1000% behind that.
  9. Jagata


    RIP so sadden to hear this. The cross traffic intersections is a huge flaw in road design imo here, most deaths seem to be caused there; also agree to never rely on the car 100% it was a terrible mistake to put down his guard. Again so sad.
  10. Longer life clutch, the H is looking nicer and nicer the more I look at it.
  11. Didn't someone here recently had a orange glass bonnet installed?
  12. Not sure if the numbers are correct, but I personally encountered many many families live in motels and pay day by day lodging. Also not uncommon for multi families share a single family house together (never seen this until I moved to So. cal).
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