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  1. I think it will pick back up again when people return to the office lol.
  2. Police officers have stopped policing. Your protection is in your own hands here. Gov has tied the hands of the good officers trying to live up to their oaths. Defunding up for review, record violent crimes . . . and I can;t find an honest soft shell crab sandwich anywhere.
  3. This city has turned into a shit hole. Wish those that don't like the way things are would go colonize their own area and leave our city and well-being alone.
  4. TMZ is a ridiculous organization but their info tends to be early and correct. If this is true . . . couldn't have happened to a nicer guy. https://www.tmz.com/2020/04/25/north-korea-dictator-kim-jong-un-dead-dies-heart-surgery-reports/
  5. ATL_

    Best Tune for URUS

    Not sure a ton of guys on this forum are acting out of "need" on the car front.
  6. I saw them a couple weeks ago in Atlanta. To say the visuals were stunning is an understatement. Fantastic show.
  7. Outside of the more exotic models, I still love the ~2010 CL65. Just a clean, classy whip and one of thee few 4-seat coupes with 4 windows / no B pillars (think Acura legend and BMW 850).
  8. Can't wait to get mine! Will post pics when it arrives. Doing a lambo color.
  9. Is this still a "whore yourself out on the internet to get a car" situation?
  10. Lamborghini Atlanta can get you an allocation. Ask for Kenny.
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