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  1. I saw them a couple weeks ago in Atlanta. To say the visuals were stunning is an understatement. Fantastic show.
  2. I don't. Audi exclusive order bank has not yet opened for the US.
  3. Outside of the more exotic models, I still love the ~2010 CL65. Just a clean, classy whip and one of thee few 4-seat coupes with 4 windows / no B pillars (think Acura legend and BMW 850).
  4. Can't wait to get mine! Will post pics when it arrives. Doing a lambo color.
  5. Is this still a "whore yourself out on the internet to get a car" situation?
  6. Lamborghini Atlanta can get you an allocation. Ask for Kenny.
  7. Think away and, thanks, Destructo. The way I look at it is you are getting a new set of tires that are stock size and paying about $150 / wheel. Either way, at this price there is really no downside for anyone.
  8. I think the front looks much better than the AWD version. Not to mention the pricing actually seems appropriate, whereas the AWD version seems incredibly over-priced at above $300k with good options.
  9. * Additional info added above.
  10. Need to move these wheels and tires. Not sure if anyone here has a use or connections that might be interested. Quick specs: Cor Forged, 18# super light set, OEM size 20”, tires have 15 miles on them so basically new, wheels have 2k miles on them. Original cost $9k+ FS @ $2.5k + ship Note that there were different tires on the wheels in the pic where they were on the car. The arch gap is much smaller as currently configured with new tires.
  11. I just don't understand how S production can be over. They are going to try to stretch out "hardcore" model sales, all above $625k, for the next 4 model years?
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