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  1. I agree...I'm genuinely surprised how well it fits the interior!!
  2. We should consider doing a group buy with limey....
  3. Thank you. My understanding is the Pzero circa 2001 is not the same Pzero you buy today. Irrespective, the design itself is definafetly an older one.
  4. I'm curious why everyone is avoiding Pzeros or Corsas?
  5. Kudos Doc! The pictures speak for themselves....so many happy faces! Just curious what type of physician you are?
  6. Is it the secondary or the primary cats on a 6.0 that 'may' throw a code when replaced with a test pipe ?
  7. Well, I am moving to St Louis...hmm
  8. In the end, the market will set the price...if Roy's asking is too low it should only sell faster and maybe even higher then he's asking (I recall an SV he sold did just that). This is a very special car. 1 of 1 in a great color with a good service history. It would be at home with a white countach and Murci!
  9. Wow. If will not last at that price...
  10. Now that is a unicorn in every sense of the word!!
  11. I wonder if one can retro fit either a Diablo or Murci wiper blade wing to help. Love the video, your car is one of my favorite countaches!
  12. I love it! I was always partial to that body style. Little touches like the door handles and gated shifter really complete it. I wonder where he had the gate assembly built? I would love one in a custom ls project...
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